LORD, in thy beauty of holiness, my joys are before thy throne. My love have blossom for you like the lillies of the valley. The delights of your virtues make me sing sweet songs. Melodies grace my soul with your love. The joys of thy hand delight the heavens. They dance with praises, O Father, how they move to thy glory. The greatness of thy works are fascinating. A wonder of mighty splendor, my eyes blissfully rejoice. Just an awesome wonder, who can begin to understand thy beautiful works? Who bless thee with understanding and lift up thy honour so magnificently? Infinite wisdom is in thy hand. All your works are delightful. With high praise thy name is exalted. Above all names shall thy glory blossom. When rivers rage with excitement who can stop them? They dance as they flow, making music, rushing to where you sent them. And not once did they say, wait. Such obedience they display: thy power cannot be hidden. O LORD, who can understand these beautiful works? Your works are like sweet melodies making music: things move at your delight. Your beauty beholds the mighty wonders of our souls. This is a great God. Who searched the depths and have seen the fiery works of thy hand? Have they reached the bottom where there is no hope? And did they find joy when they looked to the heavens and called out his name? Did they find his graceful lips that have spoken words of righteousness? My LORD my God, I will search for your beauty; for all my days shall I desire them. I shall lift up thy glory. The hope of the LORD magnify my joy. When gladness seeps into my heart I look for thee. This is the LORD’S doings. Surely his name shall be exalted. Oceans shall sing songs, marvelous songs, making mighty waves, extending their glory to touch the heavens, and to lift up his mighty name. For by his hand they yet rejoice. The hope of righteousness has graced this land. Everywhere is glory. Everywhere is the glory of the LORD. My heart is content with his works. His glory shall remain. My heart has seen the love of God; surely his name shall be exalted in the heavens. Yea, the earth shall look with jealousy and shall magnify his glory too. The LORD is magnified. Let the name, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, that is above all names, have this honour! Glory to my great and mighty God!

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