Thus saith the LORD: America is unclean, a nation of devils, that run not after God, but after the filthy things. Even from the beginning, they profess to know me and love me, but their hearts were deceptive. They run after violence, riches, and every corruptable thing. They change the laws to support their evil. They kill my children and believe that I shall not take vengeance upon this land. But I will take vengeance and they shall know that I am God. This land shall mourn with miseries. The sorrows of this land shall be plentiful. I have watched and waited and my tears have flown like many rivers. I watered this land and yet they will not turn from their wicked ways. I am the LORD thy God. I will honour those who honour me. And those who despise me, I will vomit them out. I will not withhold my anger; for the people run after many gods. Let them run to their gods for safety. I am the LORD thy God. Almighty is my name.

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