LORD, thy glory is above all glories. They shall hear of thy name and know that thou art God. They shall exalt thy name; for thou art the most High God. Above all the heavens thou art established in truth. Who is great as thee, O LORD? My God of Zion is magnified in truth. His hands are rich with greatness. Honour and strength is in his hand. Judgment and justice is close to him. His heart is full of tender love. His lovingkindness is very high. His mercies endureth forever. The LORD is magnified in this truth. Surely the heights and the depths of the LORD are mysteries. Who can search the wisdom of his hand? Who can understand the depths of his glory? Surely this is a great God. The God of Zion is a mighty King. His name is exalted forever. Surely I will praise the LORD among the heathen. And his name shall be magnified in all the earth. To the ends of the earth shall they sing songs of praises in his name. This truth is magnified forever. Great is the mysteries of God; Who shall know the end of it? Who searched out his wisdom from the beginning and established the heavens and the earth in truth? Who did counsel him in his glorious ways? Is there any other that laid down the foundations of the earth? There is none but God Almighty. This is established forever so that they shall know that he is God. His enemies lift up their hands against him; for they know not their demise. The LORD is mighty and powerful. His name is established for all generations. His meekness shall not be throttled under. The Lion of Judah shall rise up with honour. Strength shall he carry in his right arm. The LORD is great: who can stand against him? His enemies are fallen unto the ground: they are consumed with fire. The LORD is a comsuming fire. Who can stand against him? With the breath of his mouth shall he destroy his enemies. They are vanished. They are no more. The LORD is excellent in glory. Almighty is his name. Remember the name of the LORD. Remember the name of the LORD. Great is his right hand. The mysteries of God are unsearchable. And who shall know the day of the LORD? Let the LORD glory; for by his hand I stand. I stand in this knowledge of the most High God. Truth shall lift up his honour and his glory. His name is exalted forever. Surely his name is magnified in truth. Yea, think about it. Who declare things that are right? Did not the LORD speak truth and yet shall it remain? Understand these things you brutish. The LORD is God Almighty; forever his name shall remain. I tell you the truth. The LORD liveth forever and so too his glory. I have seen the works of God and bring forth his treasures before you. I speak of this mighty glory. The LORD is this mighty glory. His ways shall prevail and all shall know their limitations. For who is God? Is he not the maker, the Creator? Did he not create all things for his honour and glory? I tell you the truth: they shall all bow to him, then shall they know that he is God.

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