Bring before his throne beauty. Let beauty rise up to the heavens with joy. Yea, let it blossom with gladness in the presence of the LORD. Let it lift up my Christ and my God. If it shall bring glory to the throne of God, surely it shall magnify his name. I see beauty before my eyes and call out the name beautiful. Beautiful is my God. All his works delight my soul. With his beautiful hands he created the heavens and earth. Like fine linen, did he not bring beauty before our eyes? O yea, the glory of God is before our eyes. My eyes see his beauty and my soul jump for joy. His mighty wonders, who can understand them? This is a great God. Recognize this and praise his name. Who is wise like this God? With wisdom he created the earth. With understanding he stretch forth the heavens like a curtain. This is the LORD’S doings. His name is blessed forever. Surely I tell you that as long as I live the LORD shall glory by my hand. Yea, I shall look to the heavens and call out his name. El Shaddai, my glory; stretch forth thy hands and rejoice. Thou art Almighty God. It is by thy hand I bring joys of praises to the heavens. In thy excellencies thy name shall glory. If my God glory, know this: my heart shall sing songs of praises. With sweet melodies shall I make music. I shall sing before the throne of God. Yea, songs of joy shall beseech my God. Glory shall beseech him with the gladness of my heart. I am the LORD’S. Let the joys of heaven be magnify today. Let the blessings of my LORD be exceedingly rich. O yea, hold back nothing. Give it all up for his honour and glory. His name is beautiful. He is my beloved God. Yea, I tell you the truth. Think about it.


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