Heavenly Father, hallow be thy name. Father, I thank you for this day that you have given me, that I may look up to the heavens and bring praises before thy throne. Thou art my beloved God, in whom I am well pleased. O LORD, you have done such a marvelous job: I delight in all thy ways. From thy hand cometh the joys of my salvation. In thy riches I find hope. If thou will glory, my heart will be glad. My soul rejoices by thy hand. Let all my praises come to thee, O LORD, with a sweet savor. Thou have numbered my days. Even my joy thou have established from the beginning. All my glory is in thy hand. My darling, thou art the treasure of my soul. Thou art my beloved God. Surely thy name shall be exalted. I shall remember your goodness towards me and I shall bless you. Because you have lifted me up to higher ground, my praises shall come to thee with a multitude of joy. I shall surmount the rivers: I shall call out to them that they may rage with thy glory and praise thy name. Oceans shall swell up with joy. They shall rise up with vigor. With great heights shall they honour you. O Father, you are God all by thyself. Thou art worthy to be praised. O hills and valleys make haste and praise the LORD. Let every living thing give glory to God. The LORD is blessed. He is the joy of my heart. In all the earth his name shall glory. Let the mountains stand with strength. Let them stand tall like a high tower and give glory to the LORD. O Father, let the eagles rise up to the heights of the heavens and bless thy name. These are your works, my God. So wonderful is thy hand. By thy hand, thy glory is exceedingly rich in the heavens and the earth. O stars of glory, stars of light, give glory to God. Shine your light and dance in the heavens. Be not ashamed: give glory to God. Let all his mighty wonders that glory in the day, give glory to the LORD. Yea, be joyful: with gladness shall you praise the LORD. O Father, your joy shall come a full. Your praises shall be magnified. In all the earth they shall know of my God. Let all the heavens praise thy name. Thou art everlasting God. High and mighty is the LORD. Let it be known that all the glory belongs to God. Yea, think about it. All the power is his too. Think about it. The LORD is the hope of all the world. He is the everlasting Light: the righteous God on High shall be exalted forever!

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