O sing songs of Zion to the LORD. He is our God. Lift up his praises in the highest. Bring forth the joys of his salvation before his throne. By his hand we stand. We are weak but he is strong. O LORD our God, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Surely thy name is blessed forever. Upon the hill thou glory. In the highest of the highest, thou art esteemed without measure. My LORD, if thou art not our God what will become of us? We put our trust in thee. All our hope is in thy bosom. O glory, my love, let our joy comfort you. Let the gladness which you have put into our hearts blossom before you. O Father, for your mercies and lovingkindness, we thank you. We extend our praises day and night before thy throne; for your goodness towards us never cease. O, so tender is thy love towards us. We prevail because your thoughts towards us are to prosper. We prosper in the riches of thy excellent hand. Let glory beseech thy throne. Let a multitude of glory beseech thee, O LORD. Thou art our glory! My God, let honour and truth cover you. With the gladness you have put into my heart and the hopeful glory you have given me, surely thy name shall be exalted in the heavens. O heaven of heavens, lift up the glory of the most High God. Let us praise him; for he is great. Almighty is our God who sits above the circle of the earth. O LORD our LORD, who is excellent like thee? There is none but thee who is everlasting unto everlasting glory. Thy throne is established forever. With you, O LORD, my hope is magnified in greatness. If you are my God, surely I am destined for glory. O yea, the LORD is my God. My glory shall abide. In the hand of the LORD, yet shall I exalt his name. My LORD, this love of yours who can understand it? You will not leave me alone, O how I thank you for that. Because of your faithfulness before me, I sing you a song of Zion. Songs of praises, songs of joy, songs of sweet melodies rich with thy glory, thy excellencies encroached them with thy goodness. O LORD my God, how excellent is thy ways before me? You have loved me so dearly, a love I do not understand; for this shall I lift up thy honour in all the land. To the ends of the earth shall thy joy be magnified. Joys of Zion, joys of salvation, let it rain. Let it rain; for the glory of the most High God is upon me.

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