Even from a little boy, I knew God was in charge. I knew all that I needed he can supply. Money did not come to my mind. It was not the most important thing to me: it never moved me. Some how I knew wisdom, knowledge, and understanding were more important. These were what I desire from God. It was like God planted this seed in me, and it needed to be watered. God always kept me. He always stood by me: He knew I will need him. O how I thank him and bless him; for he is the all knowing God. So faithful is the hand of God: He will not let his elect go. And no one can take them out of his hand. He is full of love. Wise is this God to whom I seek and search for. For in his wisdom he laid down the foundation of the earth. The pillars of the earth are laid down by his strong arm. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Even from the beginning he attended to the poor and needy. He give them hope and instill his ways into their hearts. He shew them the things that matter most and cause them to push vanity to the side. Glory abound in his precious hand. The heart of God is so tender and sweet and full of love. When I think of him and all that he has done for us and continue to do, my heart melts with gladness. It is encroached with joy which I cannot contain. O heaven, thou art blessed in the presence of the LORD. Exalt his name with gladness. Lift up thy hands with praises. Sings songs of jubilation. Let the joys of the heaven be marvelous before the LORD. O glory, my blessed Saviour, all my delights shall cover you and cloak you with the joys of thy salvation. O LORD, I am in awe at thy works. You have made me dwell in this hope and in this glory. You have stood by me, that I may endure in the goodness of thy hand. Let glory come but let it come by thy hand only. Let the joys of sunshine beseech thee, O LORD. Like a new dawn that flourishes with dewdrops, so shall the lifting up of thy glory be in the morning. O LORD my God, surely thy name shall bring hope to all the earth. Glory abound, even from the beginning. Hope stood before me when I knew not which way to go. But you will not leave me. You stood by me and ensure my path to glory. Day in and day out, thou did shew me the blessings of thy hand. Who shall prevent God from being God? Who shall say, save not this poor, little boy who was drowning in sorrows? My God, you were not far away. Who shall know the cause of my praise? Who shall know the excellencies of my glory? The LORD is the excellencies of my glory. Who shall know how deep the depth thou did found me? My God, your name shall always be praised. Because you have been so good to me, this world shall know of my God. Thou art the Almighty God and thy glory shall prevail to the ends of the earth. Let this be a testament to the goodness and the lovingkindness of God. Let this also be my testimony that the LORD is not slow to save, nor is he weak to carry our burdens. His hand is not shortened that it cannot redeem (see Isaiah 50:2). For he did saved me from the depths of hell, and taketh away all my burdens. Now I delight in the works of God. I treasure his glory. I lift up his pleasures and give thanks for his mercies. The praises of the LORD shall be magnified; for the blessings of the LORD are being poured out into the hearts of the saints. They will not restrain their praises. They shall bring forth their salvation before the throne of God. Glory shall abound in the highest heaven. The joys of the LORD shall rise up like the hills of Zion. In all the earth, men shall lift up the name of our King. Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach) is our King, our LORD and God. The joys of his hands are marvelous before us. Blessed be the name of our King. From everlasting to everlasting his name shall glory.

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