LORD, I extend my praises to the heavens, to you, O LORD, King Jesus. If not for you, LORD, where will I be? I forever thank you and elevate your name above all names. Because of thy saving strength I am here to praise thy name. Let glory beseech you in a bountiful way. Let the joys of the heaven lift up your name. Let every thing in the heavens and earth praise my God. For thou art worthy to be praised. Thou art excellent in all thy ways. O Father, hear me, my love. And receive your blessings with delight. You, O LORD, have been faithful to me; how much more can I ask? I am grateful for all that you have done for me. Because of thy mercies I yet praise thy name today. O glory, beseech my God on High. Surround him with thy beauty. Lift up his honour and his glory. Let gladness seep into his heart like the joys of many rivers of water. O LORD, my God, my glory, my hope is in thee. I am an imperfect man, save me from this corrupt world. Shew me thy ways that I may follow thee. Restore thy heavenly glory within me. O Father, thou art great and mighty. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting glory. But yet thou find it necessary to answer me. Who am I that you show me such favour? Because you have lifted me up from the billows, that I shall glory in thy bosom, thy name shall be praised in all the land. This shall be an everlasting testimony. I shall not withhold thy glory, nor shall I be ashamed of thy saving hand. If thy hand would abide with me, O God, surely I shall have reasons to rejoice. Honour and glory must come to thee. All thy riches, the beauty of thy hand, shall be esteemed. O LORD my God, my days are full of joy only because of you. Thou know that I look for you and will not leave until I find you. My darling, be not far from me: it is too much for me to bear. If thou shall grant me my desire, surely thy beauty shall be excellent in all the land. Like the joys of the morning so shall it be lifted up. Like the highest heaven so shall thy name be excellent. O God, you know all things. You see all things. Hide your face from my imperfections and see the righteousness of Christ, so that my praises shall be acceptable before you and your rejoicing shall not cease.


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