The exaltation of the LORD is a delight to those who love him. If it is difficult for a man to delight in the lifting up of the glory of God, how can he say he loves the LORD? If your heart will not acknowledge the greatness of the King of Zion, the LORD of all gods, surely you have not surrender your heart to the LORD. My sheep hear my voice. O faithful Shepherd, my soul delight in all thy ways. O Father, in all the land the elect shall find glory in thy praises. Joy shall seep out of their hearts when thy name is held high above all. My God, you have been so good to us, yet many will not praise you. O Father, thou art not a fool: “For the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins” (Psalm 7:9). And again Jeremiah says, I the LORD search the heart and try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings (Jeremiah 17:10). Let those who glory in thy name glory in truth. Who will not be joyful in thee, O LORD, except he be of the enemy? My God, you have shown me your mercy and lovingkindness. You have been patient with me, more than I deserve. Because you have help me in my time of need thy name shall be held high above all names, forever. I will serve you and honour you and praise thy name with all that you have given me. In all the land, the name JEHOVAH shall be proclaimed. Yea, I tell you the truth. Who shall delight in the LORD shall call him their God. Let not the enemy say, my God is his God, lest he turn from his wicked ways. Who shall honour him and lift up his glory and rejoice in the blessed hope and the goodness of his name, shall be remembered before the throne of God. Who shall rejoice with me and lift up the LORD my God shall be spoken of in heaven. The LORD is my God. As long as the LORD has his hand upon me I shall praise his name. The hand of God is upon me forever. Surely you shall hear of my God. Great is the hand that keeps me. Great is my God who performs miracles for the sick. O mighty healer, let me bless thy name in all the heavens. Let me speak of thy glory that men desire yet they do not understand the working of thy hand. Let me speak of the God of infinite wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, who have blessed me tremendously. O great God Almighty, my precious love, let your days prosper in all the land. Let your glory be magnified in the heavens, my God. Let the lifting up of thy name be excellent in all the land. O earth, give up the glory of God. O heaven, why art thou jumping with so much joy? The LORD is in heaven. My glory is esteemed with praises. The LORD is my glory. Those who love the LORD delight in his name: they honour him; they glory in his glory. They are glad for his rejoicing. The LORD will rejoice forever. O Father, I speak the truth to the people. Who love God will praise his name. The kingdom of God is full of worshippers. Yea, do you not know this? Those who love the LORD with all their heart and mind and soul shall find joy in the presence of the LORD. Understand these things people. If God is dear to your heart and held in the highest esteem, surely your are on the right track. If you love your neighbor as yourself, surely you are pleasing God. Search your heart and if their is no love of God, nor neighbor, your days shall be old and weary: only sorrow shall follow you to the pit. Lest you change your heart and run after the commandments of God, you shall not find glory in the sight of God. Let all come to their senses that the heart must align with the teachings of God. Consider it joy if you cleave to God and rejoice in his rejoicing. Consider it joy if you love your neighbor as yourself. O LORD, I thank you for your mercy today. For the joys of heaven, I humbly obliged. The lifting up of your name brings gladness to my heart. Let it be established for all generations that the LORD my God, who name alone is JEHOVAH, shall glory. Let the mighty name of God be esteemed above all names. Yea, and let those who rejoice in this be spoken of in the presence of the LORD. Let the blessings of the LORD beseech those who love him. Let them be plentiful my God. O Father, I thank you that you hear me. This is for your honour and glory so let it be done. Thank you LORD. Thank you Father. Blessed be thy name forever and ever. Amen.

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