A ray of hope in the morning dawn, like the rising of the sunshine I look for thee. If my darling will come and speak to me, today I shall smile, and my song shall make sweet melodies. Our joy shall blossom and the lifting up of your glory shall be without measure. I shall sing songs of excellencies, songs of thy greatness, songs of triumphant, songs of joy, songs of my holy and precious and righteous God. I shall sing songs of Zion before the breaking of the dawn and when it has come my praises shall exalt the LORD and in the presence of God his glory shall be magnified! It shall blossom in the midst of the LORD and its beauty shall adorn him.

The works of the LORD are marvelous before me. He has shown himself, his power, and glory. They looked in amazement. If my God glory then shall I be pleased. He shall get the glory for all that he does and no one shall take it away. Glory shall abide in his hand; his name shall be praised. The God of Zion shall rejoice. His name is established forever.

The people look with fear: they say who is this God he speaks of? He lift him up on High in the highest heaven and he exalt his name with infinite glory. He worship him and reverence him and call him holy and righteous. He is my God. Wonderful is his name. I call him darling, my first love, my blessed Saviour, my everlasting joy. For he has done all these things for me. So numerous is the goodness of God. Because of him I prevail. I am a true servant of God. I shall speak his truth. Surely his name shall glory. I speak the things of my Father. So let it be, that by his hand his mighty wonders shall be declared.

O LORD my God, my soul is made glad in your goodness. I think of you and joy seep into my heart. My love, hold me tenderly and leave me not. For all my days shall I glory in your bosom. The joys of sunshine shew me thy lovingkindness. Thy greatness is exceedingly great. Thy glory swell up in the heights of the heaven. My God, all my days shall I praise thee. Grant me this desire, O LORD God. This is the joy of my heart. Continue to put your words into my heart and I shall lift up thy glory boldly. Without shame shall I declare the works of my LORD and my God. The depths shall give up its praises. The heights shall jump for joy. They shall remember thy great hand and praise thy blessed name. In all the land, hear me you people, there is one God that liveth forever. Surely his name is excellent in all the land. He created the heavens and the earth and all therein. This is his glory. Remember my words, he is the Almighty God. His greatness is unsearchable. Who can begin to understand his power? Infinitely wise is my God. He has put his words into my heart; my soul glory. In my glory I shall lift up the name of the most High God. Honour shall come to this God. Glory shall beseech him. He speaks truth and guides my path. He filled my heart with love. I overflow with his Spirit. El Shaddai, my God, only by thy hand shall I rejoice. You have been so good to me. Thy name shall glory. Because your have been my God, day and night, and you walk with me and talk with me and my voice delights thy soul, thy excellencies shall not go unnoticed. I shall make sure of it. With the lifting up of my hand thou knowest that your praises shall not end. As long as the LORD liveth so shall he be praised. Glory shall abound with the pleasantries of his greatness. O LORD my God, my day is full of hope because thou art the everlasting God.


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