Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment (Job 32:9). If nations will turn from their evil and surrender their hearts to Almighty God, then shall this land rejoice with gladness, and all her hope shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. She shall feast in the glory of God. With joy shall she lift up praises unto his name, and delight his soul with gladness. The exaltation of God shall be like a new dawn, full of hope and light and life. Glory shall abound like the rising of eagles, knocking on haven’s door with joy. The LORD shall stretch forth his hand and bless us; for we have lifted up his honour day and night, and look to him for our hope and confidence. If man will humble themselves before God, O what a glory shall abound in the heavens. The joys of my soul cometh from the hands of God. I search for him; for he is the bearer of my light. He steady my path and make me to walk with peace. If we will turn to Almighty and lift up his glory our days shall be full of joy. When we call out his name he shall hear us. We shall delight his soul with our voices. If only man would gain wisdom and fear the LORD, nations shall dwell in peace. But they have turned to their own follies and bring destruction upon themselves.

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life (Job 33:4).

Praising God should be the one thing that man should get excited about. God has put this in my spirit and I must share this with you: if this whole world will praise God wholeheartedly, the blessings that God will pour upon the earth will be so tremendous that men will fear him. They will look in amazement at the right hand of this God who have already done such wonderful works before our eyes. I see his glory and I can’t help but to extend the joys of my heart to the heavens. This is a good God. I can speak of this truth. All others are an abomination that shall shall be thrown into the deepest pit. Hold on not to the vanities and the corruption of this wicked world that stir up thoughts to mislead and betray the people and bring jealousy to our God. For as my God liveth so shall his name be exalted, so shall his glory be magnified. This truth I have spoken and it shall remain. By the power and the glory of God, to whom I serve and delight, his name shall glory. In all the land his name shall glory. And those who have turned against him, with stubbornness and cruelty shall be destroyed. The love of God is this: those who obey Christ shall be loved by the Father. Let no man tell you that God loves evil. For today I stand here in truth and tell you the things of God: all who forsake God shall not find mercy in the day of judgment. All who run after the vile things, the corruption of the flesh shall come under the wrath of the living God. I am a servant of God and I bring you this message to turn you away from sin, that you may seek Christ and his righteousness, and dwell in the hopeful glory of God. When you are in this place you shall look to God. He shall be a delight to your soul. His name shall be praised and exalted. Glory shall abound in the midst of the LORD. The day of the LORD is at hand. The hope of our righteous King is drawing near. Turn from your wicked ways and seek the LORD, lest it is your desire to perish. If any man be in Christ he is a new creature. Fear the LORD who is with wisdom. And depart from evil he who has understanding. “…Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding (Job 28:28). Those who are governed by their own strength will also die by their own strength. Wise men seek God: they humble themselves before him; for they know that it is by his hand they yet remain. Who shall prevail, lest God has considered it?

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