O my joy, where is my joy from heaven? I look to thee, O LORD, and call out thy name. If thou shall answer me my heart shall be glee. O Father, thou will not fail me; for thou know how wonderful my thoughts are on thee. My joy came before the break of dawn. Comfort comes to me in the morning and my God will not withhold his voice. I speak of this love between my God and I. Who would have thought that he held my soul in such glory. My LORD, your words seep into my heart and enlighten my mind. I live for thy love. Why shall a man live if not for the love of God? Today I sing a song of sweet melody. O how many sweet songs you have brought into my bosom? Surely my days shall glory; for the hand of God is always upon me. My tears flow like rivers. Upon my bed they bask with joy. My God, our love is no ordinary love. I am adorned like sunshine. My days are made to rejoice in the LORD. What joy is this joy that was given to me? My God is wonderful. His name brings treasures of pleasures. The delights of the LORD are many. Who can understand his purpose and his infinite glory? Who is wise like this God? He searches the heart and try the reins. ” I the LORD search the heart; I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings” (Jeremiah 17:10). My God, give me wisdom that I shall follow after thee. And leave not understand, that I may live. Full me up with thy words that I may adorned like a plant, grown up in its youth. O LORD, I ask not for silver and gold but for the delights that my soul shall glory. Thou knowest that I have not run after the vanities of this world. But I seek the riches of my God. Full me up with thy riches, O LORD. And let me bring forth thy glory in all the land. Let me say to this world: the LORD our God is one; magnify his name. In all the land speak of the goodness of God and his lovingkindness. And don’t leave out his judgments. They are true and just altogether. By his hand shall man rejoice. The wise cleave after God; for who shall they cleave to, lest they do it in vain? If man look to God, surely they shall find hope in the heavens. For who shall behold the things below, lest they behold corruption and vanity? Look to the heavens. Look to the throne of Almighty God. For by his hands the corruptable things shall vanish but the righteous things shall remain. The LORD is righteous. Seek him; He is the Light of the world!

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