My thoughts unto thee, O LORD, are more precious than silver and gold. All the treasures shall avail nothing, lest the LORD is lifted up on High. When songs of joy beseech his throne and blossom in his heart with gladness then shall it be well in the presence of the LORD. When the LORD look upon us and delights in us with a beautiful joy then shall we say, It is well in the midst of the LORD. When our songs delight his soul with a sweet savour, then shall our praises lift up his glory and honour. O LORD, all that we do is for thy pleasure, honour, and glory. To please thee is our daily endeavor. My God, help us to do the things that are upright before you. When you look upon us LORD, find joy in your heart. O God, see not our imperfection but see the righteousness in Christ. Let your glory be magnified in all the land. O great and mighty God, thou art the hand that keeps me. Let all that I do be pleasing before you, and lift up your name in the highest. Thou art higher that the highest. Thou art the most High. Thou art greater than the greatest. Thou art infinitely great. O my treasure, my joy, my blessed glory, if thou art pleased, O LORD, then shall I be glad. My beauty, smile for me my love. Remember our joy. Remember thy glory. Thou art the Light of all the world. Thou art everlasting glory. Who is excellent but thee, O LORD? “O LORD our LORD, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Who has set thy glory above the heavens” (Psalm 8:1). Thy glory is magnified forever. O LORD, my blessed hope, let all that I do please you. Abounding glory, beseech my King. He is the King of Zion, the everlasting King. Who shall lift up their treasures and delight the throne of God? Who shall bring forth all pleasant things and pleasure the heart of my God? The soul of my God shall rejoice. Let our thoughts unto the LORD be excellent. Let us delight in the goodness of God. O my darling, my beauty on High, surely thou art the fairest of them all. My excellencies toward thee are bask with glory. Thy name is precious in my heart. My heart sing songs of joy; thou knowest how much I love you. Who can separate me from my God? You are mine and I am yours forever. This is my joy, my darling. For all our days shall we rejoice. In thy blessed hope shall we glory. The LORD is magnified forever. Surely my King shall dwell in peace. I tell you the truth. Praise the LORD my God. Call out his name. Sing songs of jubilation. Say to him, O righteous and loving God, let thy glory abound for eternity. Let thy name be excellent in glory. Thy praises are magnified in truth. My heart rejoices in the name of the LORD my God. I shall continually sing songs of joy, songs of redemption, songs of salvation. The LORD my glory shall abound with beauty. His beauty shall be magnified forever. This is my praise, O God. Grant this for your honour and glory.

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