My God, I am in love with you. When I think of you my heart swells up with joy. My soul dance to the beats of rhythm. O how sweet is thy music? My love for you shall blossom like the rising of the sun. And when night falls it shall not be diminished. O Father, if this is my story let it never end. Let our joy dwell in the midst of righteousness. Because of thy hand I lift up thy honour and glory. This is my joy, my darling. Thy praises shall be excellent before thee. All the joys of the heavens shall beseech thee. I call on the heavens and surmount a mighty call to lift up the name of the LORD my God. His works are marvelous. How tremendous are his glory? All his treasures delight in the riches of his hand. O sing songs of praises, rivers of mighty waters. Let the joys of the mighty billows rise up to the heavens. Let them declare the mighty hand of God. I look to the heavens and see a spectacular joy. A joy that is perfect, a perfection worthy of praising Almighty God. O, mighty is his name, a name of everlasting glory, and exaltation. I am in awe with thy wonderful works. O LORD, thank you for being my God. Let all the earth rejoice in thy name. From the four corners of the earth let them lift up thy glory. O pillars of the earth, why art thou so strong? Who have laid down the foundation? Almighty is his name. Great and mighty is this God. Who have searched the ends of the world for the mighty works of God? Who have glory in the works of his hand? Surely this God is a blessed God. I will call on his name; for he has never forsaken me. I will lift up my hands with praises and blow kisses towards the heavens. And the joys of my heart shall blossom when my God has received my love. My darling, hold on to my loins, and leave me not. If this is your love, then let me glory in it. Let me put my arms around you and lay my head on your bosom. Let me feel the tender love of my Father. O Father, my faithful Father, thank you for the joy we shared today. You never disappoint me; you are truly my God. My days are full of joy because of you. O how I love you for that. Who shall be exalted on High but thee, O LORD? I shall make sure that your name is exalted above all names. Grant me this favour. Give me strength and protect me with thy measure of power and glory and let thy servant lift up thy name in all the land. O my LORD, truly you have done a wonderful work. I have drank of thy water and thirst no more. I have eaten of thy bread and I hunger no more. By thy hand I stand in truth. And in this truth shall thy praises be excellent forever. O LORD, my glory, let my love blossom before you. In thy midst, let the joys of thy heart be exceedingly rich. With a magnitude of praises let thy name be esteemed in everlasting glory.


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