There is a way that seem right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 16:25).

There is a way that seem right to a man, to run after man and forsake God. The foolish are wise to do evil but destruction befalls them. What joy shall a man have who have departed from the ways of the LORD? Who giveth joy and peace to the soul that dwells in the hope of the LORD? I have seen evil and I have seen good. I despise evil but my soul rejoices in good. There is something that seem right to a man who walks after his own crocked ways. He says in his heart that there is no God. “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God… (Psalm 14:1). But how wise can a man be if he knows not that his every breath is in the hands of God? If a man knows not what tomorrow brings how can he think himself to be wiser than God? A fool says that there is no God until he is in trouble. When he look to his wisdom and to men and they avail him nothing, then he says, Let me call on God for help. He will help me. But be mindful; take not God for granted, lest you call in vain. Let no man say, I am wise, lest he is wise to follow God, in his wisdom and in his fear. For I tell you the truth: if you know my God you will know that there is none wiser than him. I stand on this truth and bring before you the great God Almighty. To him I give glory, exceedingly rich with treasures and the delights of my soul. O LORD my God, because you hear me when I speak to you, I shall continually lift up your name. Because you created the heavens and the earth and all therein, I shall say, thou art the greatest. Marvelous is thy hand, O LORD. Majestic in glory, full of power and strength, the LORD is magnified in this truth. O mighty and wonderful God, behold I bring thy name before the people to lift up thy glory in truth. O Father, my darling, you have grown close to me and I have cleaved to you; for you are my praise, and the joy of my salvation. This is my desire to hold on to you; for you are my rock. This is good, for a man to run after God. For who shall a man run after, lest he run in vain? As high as the heavens are, the glory of the LORD shall abound. In the heavens and in the earth, the glory of my God is magnified. O mighty wonders of the LORD, look at your glory. Look at the hand that created you. Exalt his Holy name. O righteous is the God on High. Who speaketh truth and shown his light into this world? My praises shall go to the LORD most High and mighty. My glory shall exalt his name in Zion. My LORD and my God, what joy does my God put in my heart? My soul glory in thy name. All my riches swell up with gladness. Let all my praises dwell in hope, O LORD. For thy name’s sake, let my glory magnify thy soul. Let this be a perpetual joy in the heavens, that they shall know that I am yours and you are mine. O LORD, I have ask for little and you have shown me many favours. Grant me this, O LORD God, that your joy shall continue in my praises. Surely thy hand is upon me. If I sing, let me sing the song of rejoicing. Let me sing songs of melody in Zion. Let me lift up my God. Who lifted me up, O LORD, from the mire clay? Was it not thy mighty hand that yet keep me in safety? My LORD, only you shall get this glory. Who have said, Go and declare the truth of the living God in all the land and proclaim thy liberty to the far corners of the earth? O LORD, my glory, for thy name’s sake my praises are magnified without measure. The joys of my soul are dancing with the glory thou have bestowed upon me. My love, let all my days sing songs of praises to you. My precious love, let us make music together and songs of joy and the lifting up of thy glory. Be glad my darling, thou art my first love. Surely my days shall prosper; for the hand of God is upon me. Joy cometh to a man who run after God, but sorrows to the foolish who run after their own ways. How can a man find joy, lest he put his trust in the LORD? …Whoso trust in the LORD, happy is he (Proverbs 16:20).

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