O great God, I call on you because you are God. You are my Saviour who have shown me mercy and poured your grace upon me, exceedingly great. I turned to thee to lift up thy name and to bring glory before thy throne. This is my joy. When thou art pleased then shall I walk with confidence. LORD, I have your work to do. You are my Father: help me; walk with me; talk with me, and show me the way that your glory shall abound in the land of the living. LORD, you are the Saviour, the God and the speaker of truth, and the giver of liberty. Out of thy hand cometh the redemption of our souls from sins. ” Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men (Psalm 107:8). Thou art our salvation, my LORD. I speak these things boldly; but I come before you humble. I am thy servant that you have ordained before the beginning of the world. O LORD, surely thou art my praise. LORD, I have said to you, that I shall boldly proclaim the liberty of the LORD my God. In all the land man will be free, only if we abide in thy truth. Thy warning shall come with fierceness; for there is no tenderness in the depths of hell. There is no mercy, nor grace, but everlasting torment. But today, the grace of God is extended to the entire world; for the LORD desires that none shall perish. O people of the world that liveth, yet shall you have hope. But the day will come when that hope shall be no more. Remember that after pride comes destruction. Flee from corruption. Flee from sin; flee from eternal damnation. Put your trust in no man, and depart not from God, lest you be a curse. Thus saith the LORD, “Curse be the man that trust in man, and make flesh his arm, and whose heart depart from the LORD. For he shall be like the heath (an area of open, uncultivated land, typically on the acid sandy soul) in the desert, and shall not see when good come…” (Jeremiah 17:5 – 6). Blessed is the man that trust in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD (Jeremiah 17:7). Let us then put our trust in the LORD, and hope in his blessed hand that we may be called the blessed of the LORD! Let your rejoicing and the lifting up of the glory of God be holy and righteous. Let us lift up holy hands before the LORD and exalt his name in the highest heaven. With songs of gladness we will lift up his name in Zion. We will sing songs of praises in Zion; we will not cease; for we are the redeemed of the LORD! The glory of the LORD shall abound with the beauty of our hearts. Our souls shall rejoice in his name because he has been good to us. We will remember the lovingkindness of our God, and his mercy. Because the LORD favour us we shall rejoice. We shall praise the name of this great God. Glory shall come by the hand of the LORD. This truth I bring before you, that you may know that the LORD God Almighty is our God. Let all the land rise up and rejoice in his name. Let them sing songs of praises and joy. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he has been good to us. Our righteousness are as filthy rags but the LORD has redeemed us from corruption, through Christ Jesus. In his righteousness shall we endure. We shall hope in this glory. In this blessed hope shall we lift up the name of Christ, our God. The name of our Holy Father shall rejoice. In spirit and in truth shall we seek our God, believing that he is God. And that by his hand, and only by his hand, shall man rejoice forever. This is the truth that I bring before you. Hope in no one but our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach). Lift up his name on High. Let him have the glory. Worthy is the Lamb. Worthy is our God. To him glory, exceedingly rich with the joys of the saints. For he has chosen us by his hand and no one can take us away from him! The right hand of God is a strong hand. Rejoice in this hand, lest you rejoice in vain. For vain is the glory of those who put their trust in man, and other gods. Vain is the glory of he who has eyes and cannot see. Vain is the glory of he who have ears but will not hear. Vain is the glory of liars who think God will not known their evil and wickedness, and every lying tongue. If a man rejoice in his sin yet believe that he shall rejoice in the kingdom of God he deceives himself. Let all depart from sin, and run after righteousness. Those who say they are prophets and prophetess of God and yet live in sin, what is thy glory? Vain is the tongues of liars: they will not enter the kingdom of God. Many false prophets have come into the world, saying they are God’s but are of the devil. I bring you the truth to tell you discern this evil. You shall know them by their fruit. They yield no fruit yet they say they are God’s. Show me the fruit and I will tell you whom you serve. If a man is of God he will live in the wisdom and the fear of the LORD. If a woman is of God, she shall run after righteousness, and not wickedness. “Who will ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that has clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceithfully (Psalm 24:3 – 4). Let no one deceive you into believing that evil is good and good is evil. Let no one tell you because they speak in tongues they are of God. Many speak in the tongues of the devil, and not the righteous God. Know you not that many believe that is their ticket to heaven. I have news for you: many tongue twisting men and women will go to hell because they know not the Son nor the Father God who is in heaven. But their is hope for those who turn from their wicked ways and surrender their hearts to Christ. I tell you the truth. Flee from those who speak from this evil tongue who have come to take your souls into hell. They do the work of their father the devil. But the lifting up of the glory of God shall be done by the righteous. Who shall lift up hands to God, but he that is holy and righteous? Who shall say the LORD is our God, lest she flee from adultery, and fornication? Who shall stand before God, lest his sins burden him no more? The LORD brings you truth. Eat of it and live. Let every man who desire the gates of righteousness, the kingdom of our God, flee from sin. For glory shall abound, not in sin, but by the redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach). Blessed be the LORD who redeemed our souls and take away all our sins, that we may walk in the light and the glory of God, praising his name continually. We will put our trust in the LORD; for he is righteous and just.

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