Blessed LORD God of Zion, behold the treasures of my soul. The glory of thy salvation stand with excellencies to give thanks unto this great and mighty God.  O blessed Saviour, my darling, my thoughts are on thee with the pleasures of my heart which thou have bestowed upon me. If I glory it is because of you. I will not hold on to this glory but with great exaltation my praises are magnified before you. O LORD, if you will rejoice then my heart shall be glad and my praises shall not be in vain. My glory, you are truly my God. How can I not look for you? Day and night I shall look for you. With joy shall I lift up thy name. With perfection shall I bring forth thy praises. Only the best for my God. O Father, thou art my joy. As long as I live I shall lift up thy honour and thy glory. Even if I have to do this alone thy praises shall not cease. With a multitude of joy shall I declare the works of thy hand. My darling, what a wonderful hand you have my love. Truly my heart is glad in all thy works. Everywhere I look I see glory. Glory in the heavens and in the earth. Glory, O glory, the LORD is your God. The brightness of the sun is his glory. The stars at night is a display of his great hand. O the wisdom of God is infinite in glory. Look at this earth, who can lay down such a foundation but Almighty God? My praises will excel in glory for the LORD. Without measure shall I declare his works. O what a marvelous hand he has to create this universe in such splendor. I am in awe with thy works. Glory must come by thy hand, O LORD. If I see glory it is vain, lest it comes form the LORD. If the heaven shall rejoice in this glory then shall I say, It is from the LORD. For who shall make my heart rejoice, lest it is from thy hand, O God? Thou knowest how we talk and how you help me and stand up for me. Many are amazed: they are astonished at thy faithfulness. But I know my God. Even from the beginning my God is faithful. By thy hand, O LORD, I rejoice. And I give thanks in a multitude of ways. My heart is made glad; for you have considered me, and shown me favour. O LORD my glory, let the joys of thy heart be marvelous, and exceedingly rich. Only if my Father is pleased, then shall I say, I have done well today. Let your joy never cease my darling, then my heart shall be glad. Thou art truly the joy of my soul: thy name shall be praised forever.


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  1. Beautiful….🙏❤️

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    1. Blessings to you my brother. May the most High be magnified forever.


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