Glory shall abide; the house of the LORD shall abound in truth. The house of the LORD shall always be filled with the glory of God. Hope shall abound. Glory and honour are everywhere. Courage and strength shall be found in the midst of glory. The pure in heart shall walk in the presence of the LORD. Remember the peacemakers how they look to the LORD and consider him their joy. Look at their joy; for they desire peace and not war. Look at them: they shouted the liberty of Christ in all the land. They proclaimed the good news of the salvation of God. The joys of heaven, O the abounding  glory, my LORD, blessed art thou who have given life so abundantly. Blessed be thy  name my God because you have given us rivers of living water that we thirst no more. My soul is made glad in the hand of the LORD. Allow me my darling to speak of thy glory; for by thy hand the people rejoice. You are famous in all the land. My God glory: this is my joy. This is my praise. My darling is a mighty healer. O what healings he has done for these people. The doctors are confused: they cannot understand. But I understand the mighty power of my God. If they come to me my God will heal them; for I have seen his mercy daily. Rejoice in the name of the LORD. He is a miracle worker, a mighty healer. Let me tell you about my God. His name is wonderful. He is the everlasting Father. The LORD is Holy and righteous. I have seen his lovingkindness towards the people. Cancer vanished, no way to be found. This illness, that illness, where are they now? They are no way to be found. The glory of the LORD shall abound. If the glory of God is upon me and I tell you that my God will take it away, then believe me. Believe me that you will see the glory of God today. Believe me that the heavens will rejoice in the name of the LORD today. Glory shall abound by the mighty hand of God. As it was in the beginning so shall it be. Lift up his name, O children of the mercy of God. Give him his glory; hold back nothing. Testify to the glory of this mighty God. Yea, shout his name in all the land. Tell them that He is a living God. Tell them that He is my God. I look to him. I speak to him. I call out his name and his glory. O what a mighty glory is the LORD. If only you knew what this God has done for me daily you will lift up his name on High with me. He help me and guide me that I may bring glory to his name. He has shown me things, even in the midst of the heathen, that the people may rejoice in his name. My God is always with me, O what an awesome God. I will lift up his name in Zion. I will proclaim his liberty on this earth. I will sing songs of praises. Jubilation shall lift up the heavens with joy. Yea, I shall make a loud noise and shout his mighty name. I shall do it; believe me when I tell you that; for the glory of God is upon me. His name shall be exalted. In all the land they shall hear of his glory. The delights of the LORD are many. Marvelous is the hand that created the heavens and the earth. Blessed art thou, LORD God Almighty. Blessed is my King, my eternal glory in Zion. Who shall proclaim let them proclaim the mercy of God who have freed the captives from bondage. He has broken the chains of oppression. He has lifted them from the depths of hell to the glorious place of the LORD. Who can do the things he does? No one. I will shout in all the land, that by the name Jesus (Yeshua), all shall receive the salvation of God. If you shall come to know this God, you shall know that He is Almighty God. He is the God that created the heavens and the earth and all therein. Blessed be the name of the LORD. O LORD, my glory and my praise, let it be established that for eternity the lifting up of thy name shall abound with glory. The joys of the LORD shall be magnified for eternity. Heaven shall be a place of joy. Yea, this is the way of the LORD. It is his doing; it shall remain.

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