Unto thee, O LORD, do I turn to; for thou art God. I put my trust in thee and all shall hope in thee. You, O LORD, are magnified in glory. Behold this great glory, even from the beginning. The LORD is magnified in this truth. Yet you consider us in our weakness. We are frail but thou art strong and mighty. Look to us, O LORD, that we may have hope. Help us in this strange land. We are pilgrims who behold thy ways and look to thy glory for hope. We are trampled on, yet you have kept us and held us in thy hand. O LORD, be not far from us, that we may have confidence in thy great hand. Let our blessings pour upon you this day. O Father, magnify your children in this land to walk after thy ways. Help us to walk in thy wisdom, to hope in the blessed hope, to look to thy glory, most High and wonderful glory. For today, O LORD, I say, thy praises shall abound. Because thou art my God it shall abound forever!

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