O great and blessed God, I give thanks and praises to thee. O LORD, who is my love but thee? I hope in thee; for without thee I hope in vain. My eyes look to thee; for thou art my light: thou bring clarity to my soul. My path is made to prosper and all my ways are by thy hand. O great is my God. Surely the most High dwells in glory. His hand is full of mercy. Tender and kind is his heart. Thy lovingkindness is magnified before me. O how I adore you. Our love is a special kind of love. Stay close to me my darling.  Let me look at thy beauty in the morning and smell thy fragrance in the day. Comfort me at night, my love. I seek thee like no other; thou knowest this truth. My days are full of joy when thou have made thyself known to me. O my darling, let thy beauty blossom before me. Let my kisses reach you in the heavens. My joys are rapped around you. My praises are in thy midst. Thy name glory; it is highly esteemed in my heart. The heavens also rejoice with me. Thy praises lift up thy glory. In all the land I have lifted up thy honour and glory. I have talked about thee; for thou art fairer than all. My love, if thou will come close to me I shall not let thee go. Rejoice, my blessed hope; for thou art my first love. Thou shall remain forever in my heart.


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