Make known of thy riches, O LORD. Bring forth the joys of thy salvation. Lift up thy honour and glory. Magnify thy name, O God. Thou art King of kings and LORD of lords. Honour must come to thee. Thou art glory, magnified without end. Thou art our joy, eternal joy, and glory exceedingly rich. From everlasting unto everlasting, thou art great. O Father, by thy hand thou created the heavens and the earth. I look at thy mighty wonders, as far as my eyes can see and my mind can imagine. I seek thee, O LORD, in thy wisdom; for who shall know the infinite glory of God? O Father, I am humbled in thy greatness. The wonders of thy hand are rich with glory. The quality of thy works cannot be matched. Thy name shall be exalted. I shall lift up thy glory in Zion. O LORD, I shall call to the heavens and excite a great rejoicing in thy name. O heaven of heavens, the glory of God is abounding with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Who is wise like our LORD? Who is infinite in glory, and done such wonderful works? Our hearts and our eyes delight with his greatness. Blessed be the name of the LORD my God. Blessed be his name forever. This is a testament to his everlasting kingdom. Yea, his throne is established for all generations. O LORD God Almighty, let my praises never cease; for thou art the hope for all generations. Thou art the Light upon the hill. In Zion thy name is magnified in glory. Hope is the LORD. Let every man cleave to thee; for thou art life and giveth life abundantly. All the days of my life I shall sing songs of praises to thee, O LORD. I shall be glad to lift up the name of the most High God. And I shall do it over and over again. It shall be a perpetual rejoicing. Thy praises shall never cease. Thy hand is greater than all. O LORD, because you have cleave to me, so shall I also cleave to you. Thou art the potter and I am the clay. Heavenly Father of righteousness and truth, by thy hand, O LORD God, man shall testify to the glory of thy greatness. Thou giveth salvation to this world that those who eat from thy hand shall not go hungry. Those who drink thy water shall not thirst. O Father, thou art a good God. O nations, upon this earth of this great God, eat and drink from the hand of Almighty God. Let this be your heart’s desire, that you cleave to Christ, our Rock. By his hand the glory of God abound. And only by his hand man shall have hope. There is no other that can give a hope destined for glory. My LORD, glory must come by thy hand. Righteousness is by thy hand. Eternal life is by thy hand. Only by thy hand shall man feast in the kingdom of God. I tell you the truth. If you know not this Christ, cleave to him; for he giveth life. Call out his name, in sincerity of heart, and he will hear you. I called out his name when I was in the billows of the waves. When I was wallowing in the deepest pit, I said LORD, I need you; I cannot make it without you. Help me to overcome the sorrows of my soul. My God came to me rushing like a mighty wind. I testify to the saving hand of my Christ and my God. To him, praises magnified with joy, and eternal glory. O Father, you have kept me in thy watch and have chastised me because you love me. I thank you. Day by day, thou sheweth mercy. And you find ways to full my heart with joy. Who is this mighty God who have caused my soul to glory? He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the everlasting God and Father. Look at thy works; how marvelous they are before us? Thy mighty wonders bring joy to my soul. Because thy name is exalted above all other names, thy glory shall abide in excellencies. This is a joy to my soul, O LORD. Thou knowest the tenderness of my heart and my love for you. I am like a little child that cleaves to his mother’s breast. The lifting up of thy glory brings joy to my soul. O children of our blessed LORD, the joys of our souls shall remain in his hand. Because the LORD desires us, our days shall glory. We are chosen with care by this great God and our hope is in heaven. O LORD, in thy greatness thou considered us. We thank you for loving us. Help us to walk in thy glory, to magnify thy name, and bring forth thy truth. Let us speak boldly the things that are right and acceptable before thee. LORD, we need you in all that we do so be not far from us. Let us look to the heavens with confidence, knowing that you are ready and willing to heed to our voices. In spirit and in truth shall we beseech thee. Holy and righteous, shall we come before thee. Give us the faith we need, O LORD, knowing that thou art a faithful God, and with faith shall we please thee. O Father, let it be this way, O God; for your glory and honour. O Father, I thank you.

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