My beloved God, King of Zion, King of truth, everlasting glory and the hope of righteousness, for out of thy mouth was the word spoken and thy word giveth life. Even from the beginning thou did bless man and put him on a righteous path. Thou did established his ways to prosper. With obedience man will live forever. In Christ Jesus, the everlasting Father and God, man shall feast in the glory of God, and life eternal. This is the hope for all generations: that by thy hand thou giveth eternal life. Heavenly Father, I thank thee for thy mercies. I thank thee for thy lovingkindness which thou have bestowed upon us. By thy hand man shall have hope. And by thy hand all men shall dwell in peace. O LORD, how much praise shall I bestowed upon thee? How much glory shall I magnify thee with, O LORD? There is not a price that is worthy for thy praise. Thou art excellent in glory, magnified in truth. Honour beseech thee. Our hope of righteousness is the LORD. We look to thee, O LORD, our Christ; for by thy hand we have purpose to endure. By thy hand shall we desire righteousness and holiness. Thou art our everlasting God. Make way, O LORD God Almighty, and let my praises swell up before thee. Thou art my glory, everlasting unto everlasting glory. Thou art all that I desire; for thou art my life. Thou art my eternal hope, my God of righteousness and truth. O Saviour, save us from this wicked world. Help us to adorn ourselves and be pleasing in thy eyes, that we will walk in righteousness, repenting of our sins, seeking the throne of holiness. For thou art holy, O LORD Almighty God. Thou art our Rock. If we hold on to thee we shall not be moved. My LORD, stretch forth thy hands and hold me. Hold me by the loins, and bring me into the comfort of thy bossom. My Father, my loving Father, because you have been so good to me I will exalt thee for ever. O heaven of heavens, hear your servant and rejoice. Rejoice in the lifting up of the glory and honour of our God. Rejoice in our Christ, our Prince of peace. Rejoice in the Lion of Judah, our mighty warrior. Rejoice in our God, most High God. Glory is our LORD. By his hand we stand in heavenly places. O LORD of righteousness, my hope, my darling, my first love, let your way prevail in all the land: then shall I lift up my hands and say, It is well; it is well; it is well. Glory must come by thy hand, O LORD, then shall we all rejoice.

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