My precious LORD, thou art the joy of my soul. All that you have done cannot be compared. Great is the God that created the heavens and the earth. His name shall abound in glory. Let the joy that he has bestowed upon me this morning excel with praises and lift up his name. High and mighty is the LORD. He is exalted above all names, even from the beginning, and for eternity. My God, look at the heavens and the earth and all that you have created, they are marvelous. These are your works, O LORD. Great is the hand that created them. In the name of the most High God, excellent God, above all names, I bring before you the mighty wonders of the everlasting God. By his hand shall this world prosper. Wise is the man that cleave to my God. Look at his works, O inhabitants of the earth. Who can do all these amazing things? Who can bring light into darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it? The true Light, my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach). Who can do miracles and give hope to the sons of men in this earth? Who can look to the heavens and say, For I lift up my hand to heaven, and say, I live forever? (see Deuteronomy 32:40). Only Almighty God can do these things. He brings down the high and mighty. ” He raise up the poor out of the dust and lift up the begger from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory…” (1 Samuel 2:8). The LORD is God. By his hand man shall endure in his mercies. The lovingkindness of God is on this earth. Man feast in his love and yet do not give glory to his name. But who keepeth man alive daily? The most High God. Who provide for man and giveth them hope? The most High God. Who is tender in heart and carries our burdens? LORD Jesus (Yeshua), let thy name glory in all the land. In the heaven and earth thy name shall be magnified forever. The LORD is Almighty; this is his name. Glory is the LORD, most High and wonderful God. By his hand, rivers rage with joys; mountains stand up tall, with strength. Oceans swell up with mighty waves, as though they want to touch the heavens. Eagles fly with grace. O the beauty of the hand of God. Let him be my God and I will be his humble servant. The LORD is always with me. I have seen the works of this God: they are marvelous. What man cannot do my God has done. He giveth hope to the people: they praise his name. All the power and the glory are in the hand of Almighty God. Let it be known in all the world that this great God Almighty does marvelous works. Who can take away the hope from man, when my God is the restorer of hope? Who can say that this is impossible for my God to do? If I say, He will do it then he will do it. The LORD is mighty and great. He giveth good gifts as he so pleases. We lift up the name that giveth these gifts. The LORD is glory. He is my wonderful darling and my praise. Surely his name shall be exalted. I tell you the truth: as long as I live I shall lift up the name of the most High God. This shall be a joy to by soul. The King of Zion shall glory. What say you then? Marvelous are the ways of my God. He is mighty in power and strength. He is exceedingly great. O yea, I have seen some of this greatness. Will I not testify to the glory of God? I shall rise up in the morning dawn like eagles touching the heavens, and lift up the name of Almighty God. Glory shall abound in the midst of the LORD. Holy and righteous is his name. Let the joys of heaven abound with the blessings of the saints. Exalt the LORD with pleasure. Bring forth thy treasures of joy and lay them before him. O glory, O glory, my God, surely thy name shall be praised. Worthy art thou O LORD, God Almighty. Worthy is my King in Zion. Upon the rock I see glory. The rock of ages yet abide. This is a joy to my soul. Lift up thy hands, O children of God, and praise his blessed name. Testify to his glory. Hold back not the treasures of thy salvation. The LORD is marvelous in all his ways. Make known of his riches. In all the land declare the things of God. O LORD my darling, thy beauty blossoms before me. My heart is full of joy. Truly thou art the hand that saved me. Thou art my everlasting God. By thy name I stand. By thy name I glory. The hope of the world is in the hand of Almighty God. Surely his name shall remain for ever; for I have seen the joys of the great God Almighty!

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