The nights glory in the midst of darkness; the days dawn with a bright light. The goodness of God is riched unto all that liveth. Good and evil yet rejoice by his mercies. But we look to the heavens with praises, where our hope is in the midst of holiness. O Father, our thoughts are rich with thy blessed hope. Help us, O LORD, to live in thy love. Give us hope that we may adorn as plants grown up in their youths and as corner stones polished after the similitude of a palace. In thy blessings shall we lift up thy glory. As we remember thy goodness towards us, and the delights of our souls, we will offer thanks and magnify thy glory. For by thy hand we rejoice. Thy goodness is exceedingly high towards us and thy tender mercies and lovingkindness beseech us. Glory, O LORD, must come by thy hand. And so shall it remain that we who hope in thee shall give praises to the most High God. Let this bring gladness to thy soul, my God. Let this be a perpetual gladness that shall remain for eternity. Amen. My God is blessed forever. Amen, and Amen.

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