LORD, hold me by my loins and keep me close to thee. Give me the strength daily to honour thee. To lift up thy glory boldly and to say things that are right, thou art worthy, O LORD. Help me that I may stand in thy truth forever, to behold thy glory which thou shall bestow upon the good and faithful. Thou knowest all the struggles we shall endure for thee. They hated you without a cause. And we are thy humble servants. Help us to seek after thy perfection. LORD, who is righteous but thee? Our righteousness are as filty rags. O LORD, fill us up with thy righteousness. Let us behold thy glory and delight in the works of our God and our Christ. Father of righteousness, by thy hand shall we be delivered. Let not thy hand depart from us. Let not your glory fade away in the wind. O LORD, God of glory and hope, you are our truth. Speak thy truth as you so ordain it, my God. Let it come forth and free the captives. Let it lift up thy honour and glory. The LORD is magnified in the heavens. Truly the hand of God is blessed forever. We will look to this God and no other. We shall lift us his honour and glory. We shall magnify his name in all the land. Surely the great and mighty God shall be praised. Upon Zion our rock is glory. He remains forever! This is a joy to all the saints. This is the honour of their faithfulness. Stand in faith, O kings and priests of the living God and our Christ. It is good to praise the LORD and to hope in his right hand. The LORD does marvelous things with his right hand. He freed the captives from bondage. Did he not free his people? Israel delight in the LORD. By his hand did he not cause them to prosper in the land of Canaan? Did he not fight their battles and bring honour and victory to them? The LORD sheweth mercy. They rebelled against him and caused his anger to kindled, but for a little while. He remember his people and the covernant he made with their fathers and had compassion on them. O the goodness of God, who can truly understand it? Every day we see his goodness and mercy. He bestow his lovingkindness on us so generously. This is a good God. Did you not rise up this morning and see the sun? Did you not speak with the spirit he put in you? Did you not rise up with glory? If you are a child of God his glory is in you. And it shall abide if you abide in Christ. The LORD my God is glory. If you rise up this morning then be grateful and lift up the honour and glory of God. Bless him; thank him; praise him; honour him; reverence him. Remember the words of the LORD. Call on him while he is near. Call on him while he can be found. O children of the living God, he is our Father who art in heaven. Righteous and Holy is our God. So great is our God who delights in us. Remember the name of the LORD and hallow it. O Father, my God, thou art worthy to be praised. Thou art the glory; everlasting is thy name. Thy works shall not go in vain. Thou knowest the truth. Honour will come by the hand of Almighty God. Let it be this way, O LORD. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting God. Thy name shall be exalted! Think about it.


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