…Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death (Revelation 1:17 – 18).

LORD of heaven and hell, you are the Almighty God. All things are in your hand. Who can say that they are wise but thee, O LORD? Who is great but thee, O LORD? Who is magnified in glory but thee, O LORD? Truth is in thy hand. And truth shall remain in the hand of the most High God. Let all the heavens and earth, the deepest depths  know that the LORD God Almighty is God. LORD, you are the supreme authority and all shall bow to thee. Who shall say that they are wise but know not their own demised? Who shall exalt themselves in wickedness and believe that my God will not see it? There is only one God, majestic in glory. Hope and truth and every good thing cometh from thee, O LORD. Thou will rise up the righteous but destroy the wicked. Who shall glory in wickedness and think they are wise? Heaven knows their demised. Destruction is in their midst and yet they will not flee from evil. O great and mighty God, keeper of the gates of righteousness and wickedness, thou will have thy praise. Thou will have thy glory. Thou will have thy honour. Thy name shall be held high, above all other names.  LORD of heaven, LORD of hell, thou art mighty; thou art great. Let all unrighteousness go to hell but let the righteous dwell in glory. Let the joys of heaven beseech the hope and the glory of God. Let the riches and the mercy of thy grace abide with the children of God. LORD, great and mighty are thy works. Thou art majestic; thou art great. Thou art the keeper of the gates of righteousness and wickedness. Let thy hand, O LORD rise up against evil. But let it lift up the righteous and the just. Hope in the LORD. Hope in the God of power and strength. Hope in he who created the heavens and earth. Hope in justice and in truth. There is freedom in truth but bondage in deception. The LORD God Almighty open the eyes of the captives. He open their eyes to what is truth, what is right, what is just in his sight. The LORD is Almighty God. The LORD is glory. By his hands man shall live or die. The LORD is mighty. The LORD is great. Hope in the LORD. Hope in the mighty hand that created the heavens and the earth. Lift up honour and glory. Lift up the most High God. Truth is the LORD. He created the heavens and earth in truth. Every word that cometh out of his mouth is truth. Glory will abide by the hand of Almighty God. God will have the glory. It is his and he will not share it with another. The LORD is great and mighty. The LORD is magnified in glory. Great is the God who created the heavens and the earth. Glory is his name. Majestic in glory, the LORD is magnified. Great is the LORD who keeps me in his bosom. Power and glory is in his hand. God of Abraham, God of Zion, great and mighty is his name. Glory will abound but only by the hand of Almighty God. Let everything that is wise be of God. For who is wise, lest they live in righteousness and truth? Who will rise up cowardly and yet say, I am great? Do you not know that God hates cowards? Yea, no coward shall enter the gates of heaven. (see Revelation 21:8). They are vanity and not glory. LORD of righteousness; LORD of truth, thy will be done in heaven and earth. Let the hand that is great prevail. Let the hand that is mighty glory. The hand that shew mercy is the LORD. He heal the sick and give hope to the hopeless. Full of mercy and grace, the LORD is blessed forever. Let his praises be forever magnified. Truth will abide with the LORD. Those who do not live by his truth will die by his truth. Let the wise man please God. And where is the wisdom of the wicked? Let them turn from their wickedness and seek the true and living God. Let him who is wise come forth and lift up the honour and the glory of God. Great is the LORD. Mighty is his name. Give glory to the LORD. Give glory on High. Great and mighty is the LORD. By his hand shall the wise live. The wise live in truth, honour, and glory. But the wicked flee from truth and run after wickedness and who shall save his soul? God will have his glory. In mount Zion the glory of God abide forever. Great and mighty is the LORD. Songs of praises, songs of joy, to the LORD my God. By his hand shall man live or die. Let the world know that God is light and there is no darkness in him.

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