LORD by thy mighty hand man shall endure. In thy mercies there is comfort. We seek thy mercies, O LORD.  For who shall say, we shall endure without thy grace? Thou have caused our days to linger. In thy lovingkindness we shall prevail. Make known to us the acceptable things of our God. And help us in thy strength that we may have the courage to stand in humility, under thy mighty wings. Help us, O LORD; thou art our glory and our praise. We come to thee knowing that every day is rich with thy praises. Like the fresh morning breeze we bring forth new treasures. Like a new dawn thy praises excel like eagles to the heavens. For the excellent things of our hands shall lift up thy glory. O Father, I will praise thee daily.

LORD, who is mighty as thee? In the four corners of the earth shall thy praises come forth. The joys of our hands shall magnify thy glory. We shall remember thy lovingkindness and sing songs of jubilation. Glory shall abound at thy throne. The LORD is God, mighty great is our God. O LORD, thy righteousness is very high. Truly thy name is magnified in glory. Thy glory abound in the heavens. In the heavens shall the joys of righteousness abound. Even the earth shall glory in the LORD. The heights of the heavens shall extend the joys of the LORD. O Father, glory will beseech thee abundantly. Thy praises shall be magnified. We lift up the praises of Zion and exalt the name of the LORD. We will do these things; for the LORD has been good to us. Make way, O kings of the earth, rich men and poor men, the stars of heaven, rivers of many waters, hills and valleys. The God Almighty is exalted forever. Surely you shall delight in the LORD. For he has established his way of old. Surely the heights shall give up his praises and the depths shall do the same. O praise the LORD, joy of heaven, joy of earth, joy of every living thing. It is well to lift up the glory of the most High God. Give praises to the King of Zion, beloved of Righteousness. Sing to him a new song. With melodies of treasure, more precious than gold, the lifting up of his glory shall abound in beauty. O beautiful, O beautiful, my darling, because you have loved me so dearly, I sing songs of praises, songs of joy to thee. Thou art my first love. I remember thy lovingkindness and turn to thee with praises. Because of your goodness and mercy we will praise you and bless you. Give us the strength to do thy will, to abide in thy truth, and lift up our righteous King. We offer thanksgiving for all you have given us and what you will do for us, our praises are abound with joy. We humbly oblige in thy goodness and mercies. From everlasting unto everlasting, the praises of the LORD shall remain. This is our joy. O Father, you know this truth. Because thou art King forever, thy glory shall remain forever. Think about it. O great and mighty God, let our praises be excellent before you. Grant us this, O LORD, for thy honour and glory. Thank you LORD. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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