LORD of hope, LORD of glory, heights without measure, exalted in the highest heaven, thou art my praise and my holiness. Thou art magnified in glory, rich in hope and the excellencies fit for our King, most High and wonderful God. LORD, glory be thy name. Praises to the most High God. Father, I thank you for thy saving hand. For thy grace have kept me in thy bosom. Thy mercies endureth forever. In thy tender love you attend to our need. O great God, our blessed hope, we thank thee for thy lovingkindness.  We endure in thy strength. And who is stronger than thee, O LORD? Who keeps the captives free, but thee, O LORD? Who have loosen the bonds and broken the chains of the strong man? Thou art forever glorified. Thou art King. LORD Jesus, mighty Saviour and God, you heed to the calls of our needs, thy name is exalted without measure. Our thanks reaches the highest heaven. The lowest depths praise thy name and the the highest heights magnify  thy glory. Blessed is thy hand, my Saviour. Hope in the LORD who breakes the bonds of the wicked and exposes them for what they do. Vanity will be vanity. There is no hope in vanity. Hope in the LORD my God. He forgive sinners and shew compassion to the crying soul. The LORD God is excellent in all his ways. My glory, my days are without hope, lest the LORD is my God. When I called on the LORD he heard me from the heights of the heavens. O LORD, attend to the voice of the brokenhearted. Help them, O LORD; for you are their only hope. If not for you who will be their hope? Who can save sinners but the Almighty God? Who can bring hope to the hopeless but thee, O LORD? Who sheweth mercy and compassion and lovingkindness? My LORD is glorified; for he is the hand that bringeth hope where there is none. He is the One who stand on the rock with strength that we may look to him when we are weak. He is the One waiting in the midst when the billows of many waters seek to overcome us. O LORD, if not for thee we are desolation in the dust. All shall go down into the pit if not for our LORD. Glory is in the hand of the most High God Almighty. By his hands shall we endure. By his hands shall we hope a hopeful glory. Hope in the LORD, O children of righteousness; he is our God. Only by his hands shall we endure. We are hated in this world because they also hated our God. Our LORD did no wrong and yet they hated him. O blessed Saviour, we thank you for what you have endured from us. If not for your love where would we be? Our God of hope is a marvelous God. Our God of love, no words can truly express our thanks. O Father, you know what we shall endure because of our love for you. Give us strength, O LORD. Help us to focus on you. For your honour and glory we endure to praise thee. You are our beacon of light, our high tower, our hope in Zion. Help us LORD, in the days ahead. We are thankful for all that you do for us, and for your enduring love. Blessed be thy name forever, O LORD. Blessed be our glorious hope in Zion.


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