LORD, my glory, my hope in Zion, great and mighty is thy name. Upon the rock my God is marvelous forever. O Father, God of everlasting glory, thank you for this day. My days are full of hope because of thy tender mercies. LORD, I am one of your many sons. As you shew unto me thy lovingkindness, bestow unto my brothers and sisters thy glory. O LORD, let us come together and cleave to our God. You are our God. Father, we love you and adore you. We look to you, O God; for we know that we are nothing without you. Let us hope in this infinite glory, our King. Most High and wonderful is our God. Surely the heavens will rejoice in thy name. The earth will rise up with jealousy and they too shall lift up thy glory. O heaven and earth, magnify the name of the LORD. Stretch forth thy hands, all that benefit from the goodness of the LORD and praise his name. We all benefit from our God. He created the heavens and the earth and all therein. He is the most High God. Because of him we rise up in the morning. He giveth sleep to us at night and keep watch over us. The eyes of our God never fail us. The LORD is so good to us. O rivers of water, why be jealous; why be still? Be excited; let thy waters flow with a mighty force and praise the LORD. O stars that come out at night, this is your moment: lift up the name of the LORD. Yea, you can do it. Remember thy glory and magnify his blessed name. O mighty warriors of Christ, stand up, wake up, lift up the name of the most High and mighty God. Lift him up. In all the land he is the everlasting glory. Make haste and bless his mighty name. He is the great God. There is none like him. He created all things heaven and earth. This is a great God. Think about it. Marvelous are the ways of the LORD. His works are like fine linen, weaved beautifully. Look at all his mighty wonders. Who is the mighty God of Israel? He is their deliverer; their mighty Saviour. What is his name? His name is I AM THAT I AM. O glory, O glory, by the hand of Almighty God shall Israel glory. Hope in the LORD Israel. Hope in the deliverer, our King. Let the whole earth turn to God and magnify his glory. Surely the depths and the heights shall praise his name. All men shall bow to this mighty God. There is none that shall escape it. Humble yourselves before the LORD, mighty man, kings of the earth. Let the rich and the poor turn to God. Turn to your maker and rely not on your own wisdom. Your wisdom will not save you, nor the vanities of your minds. But the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Fear the LORD, wise men of God. Say to the whole world, Who is mighty and great but the wise One in Zion? Who is mighty but the LORD of lords? Who is mighty but the King of kings? Who is mighty but the God of gods? O look to the rock; strong and mighty is our LORD. Blessed be thy name, O LORD, great God Almighty.

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