Surely those who rage war against the LORD shall not prevail. For who shall stand against the LORD and have glory? O great God JEHOVAH, mighty is thy name. Glory is my God on High. Upon Zion my King triumph with joy. Praises continually lift up his name. LORD, you have help me and cause me to lift up your honour. O LORD, my glory and my hope, let my blessings pour upon you abundantly. Truly thy name shall be exalted. Thou art magnified in power and strength. Thou heal the sick and help the people. How many, O LORD, glory in your mercy and compassion? Because of your lovingkindness many lift up your name. Truly thou art the most High God. My darling, your love shall remain in my heart. Father, in thy righteousness thou did repent and consider our frame. Our days are not like your days. We are but vanity that shall wither away and die. But thou liveth forever. O great and mighty God, thy name is full of honour and glory and truth. Truly the heavens shall lift up thy glory. The earth shall sing songs of jubilation and praise thy name. Blessed be thy name, O LORD. Blessed be the most High and wonderful God! I will look to thee; for thou have faithfully help me. When I call on thee thou attend to my voice. O LORD, my blessed hope in Zion, the joys of our hearts shall lift up thy glory. In all the land thy name shall be honored and praised. They shall speak of the great God of Israel. His mighty name shall be highly esteemed. Let the glory of my God abound in the heavens. Let all the joys of my heart lift up his glory. Upon the rock is my God. Because the LORD help me I have hope. He shew me his salvation and bless me with his riches. O LORD, let all the saints rejoice in thy blessed hand. Let them lift up thy name on High and testify to the glory of the most High God. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting Father. Thou art my glory. O Father, open our eyes to thy truth and guide us in thy ways. Make haste, O LORD, and shine your light up us. O LORD my glory, I thank you. You have been so good to me, O how I love you. My darling, let all my joy beseech thee. Let all my praises full up thy bosom with gladness. Thou shall always be remembered and not forgotten. Because of thy hand we remain. You sustain us day and night. O Father, you have been so good to us. We thank you. Continue to be our God. Thou art our only hope. You are all we have. We can only trust you; for you have kept us in thy bosom. Under the shadow of thy wings we seek refuge. We delight in thy name. We honour thee and praise thee. In thy judgment thou shew us an excellent way. O LORD, blessed be thy name, forever and ever! Blessed be the most High God who never fail us.

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