LORD, thou art my confidence, my joy, my darling. Thou art the hope of Israel. By thy hand Israel shall prosper. Because the LORD has consider her his precious jewel, so shall she blossom with glory. O LORD, how excellent are thy thoughts towards us. We glory because of thy hand. Our praises before thee shall magnify thy glory. The blessed hand of the LORD is exalted on High. Surely our days shall prosper and my God shall glory. O LORD, I lift up my hands with praises for you. You are my light. I turn to you; for you are my protector. Let us all turn to you and give thanks to the glory of thy hand. Let our praises be magnified so mighty before thee, that the heaven shall blossom with a glory so vast, without measure, infinitely fit for my God. Behold the joy of my soul. Behold my God. Lift up the joy of thy people, O LORD. Help us to remember the goodness of our God. Thy lovingkindness thou did not keep from us. Thou were generous with thy mercies, and grace, sufficient to thy glory. We look to you, O LORD; for thy name alone which is JEHOVAH shall glory. Let the lifting up of thy praises full thy bosom with joy. Hope in the LORD, O Israel; for by his hand shall we prevail. Mighty is his name. Give power and strength to the LORD. Give glory to the LORD on High. The LORD our God is magnified forever. He is highly esteemed in riches. All his works are done in truth. Truly I tell you that his throne is established forever. We will rejoice in Zion and lift up his honour and glory. Bless the name of the LORD. Remember the goodness of God, how he attend to our cause. And lift up his glory on High. For Zion’s sake do it. And let us bless his Holy name forever. Blessed be the name of the LORD! The LORD that keeps Israel is our God.

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