The god of the wicked is vanity, a strange god who shall perish, and cease for eternity. But they heed to their god for hope. What will their hope be in hell? The god that deceived you will he be there to comfort you? Who will stand up for you then and say, I am proud and mighty? And I can do all things. All that exalt themselves in wickedness shall fall by their own hand. But I know a God who stands up with glory, with power and strength, who brings vengeance against his enemies, and dreadful things in the midst of the heathen. The fear of this God will come upon the wicked. He shall break their veil of wickedness and make known all hidden and secret things. He is the LORD my God, the most High God. He will judge them by his standard. Yea, the day of judgment will come upon them with vengeance. They detest what they do not know and understand. They detest knowledge and truth and wisdom. Understanding is far from them. They glory in vain, hopelessly rejoicing is vanity. They rejoice in evil and are glad, and not sorrowful. They hide their wickedness as if God will not see it. Where is thy wisdom, O wicked man? Where is thy knowledge that shall go down into the pit? Where is thy hope you once hope with your god? Where is thy glory that you delight in without the glory of God? Let every man who glory let them glory in the LORD. Let them seek his face for hope and peace and everlasting joy. Let them turn from their wickedness; for what shall it profit a man who goes down in the pit? Will you rejoice then, in desolation, in hopelessness and utter darkness? Will you rise up in pride and bring forth your vanities? Will you say, I am blessed and highly favored? I tell you the truth: many do not know what they speak. Their knowledge are their own imagination. Their wisdom come not from God. For who shall live in sin and live? Death shall behold the sinner. But righteousness shall behold he that looks to Christ. In him shall we glory. In him shall we have hope. In him shall we have everlasting life. Turn to God while you yet have a chance. For the LORD shall come suddenly then it shall be too late.


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