Hear, O Israel, the voice of the LORD. And make haste to lift up his glory. Turn from your wicked ways. For what treasures shall you bring before the LORD in thy iniquities? Come before the LORD with pure hearts. Bring before him the joy of thy salvation which the LORD giveth thee. Let thy soul rejoice with gladness. With God there is peace. He giveth rest to the righteous. There is hope in the LORD. He is our hopeful glory. There is eternal joy in the LORD. He is our everlasting Father. Remember the ways of the LORD, of old. Hear, O Israel, the voice of the LORD. By his hand shall we be delivered. By his mercies shall we endure. In his counsel shall we prosper. O LORD, be our Counseller that we may have hope. Teach us thy ways, O God, that we may please thee. The mighty God is our God. Everlasting Father, the hope of Israel, by thy hand shall we prosper. Let Israel dwell in peace, O Prince of peace, my darling. Make haste in thy tender mercies and thy lovingkindness, and shew us favour. O LORD, by thy hand, and only by thy hand shall we endure. The LORD is blessed. The Spirit of the LORD shall abide in glory. Help us to delight in thy blessings. Thou art the Holy One. O Israel, turn from your wickedness and seek the LORD! The LORD is one. The LORD is our God. Israel is in his mighty hand.

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