O LORD, my glory, my hope and my righteousness, thou art great. Thou art the only excellent God. All shall bow to thee! Even the vain things shall come to know of thy glory that thou alone art God. By thy hand shall man live or die. Wise is he who cleave to God and follow after his ways. Who shall stand on his own lest he be a fool who shall also fall on his own? O LORD my glory, thy name alone is excellent before me. Even from the beginning thou alone art God. There was no other God but thee. O LORD, the lifting up of your glory brings joy to my heart. Those who love the LORD come forth with thy praises. Bring forth thy treasures before the LORD. Glory is the LORD, most High and mighty. Who is great and powerful as my God? Who keepeth watch over me day and night? The Holy One of Israel. The God of my forefathers and my father is also my God. Blessed be the name of the God of Israel. O LORD, the perfection of my glory, I shall hold on to thee forever. When I am weary I shall cleave to thee; for thou art my sustenance. Thou shall revive me. Thou art my fountain of youth. O LORD the God of the heavens and the earth, truly thy ways shall prosper. Thy right hand is a marvelous hand. Thou open my eyes to the truth when I called on thee. Thou shew me thy ways of old. Even from the beginning thou established truth. O God of truth be our God forever. Let us lift up thy name and thy glory, O most High and wonderful God. I bring forth the joys of thy salvation. I lift up thy glory on High. O LORD the God that keeps me in thy bosom, truly thou art my God. Thou art my heavenly Father who will show me the way. Holy is thy name. Blessed is thy name, O LORD. Let us, O God, your chosen people, remember the days of old when thou attended to the cause of our forefathers. Thou art faithful, even from the beginning. Thou did chose us and no other nation. Thou consider us thy people. And we consider you our God. Many wrongs we have done but hold not thy anger forever, O LORD. Shew us thy mercy and pour out your grace upon us. Help us that we may rejoice in the lifting up of thy glory. We shall not hide thy works but we shall declare thy glory before the sons of men. In all the world thy name shall be great. Honour and glory shall beseech thee, O LORD. My excellency is our God. In Zion we shall sing songs of praises in thy honour. In thy name we shall rejoice. I am Israel, the son of the righteous God and shall proclaim the things of God. We are God’s chosen people; the lifting up of his glory shall not end! The LORD liveth forever. And by his hand we also shall abide forever. Let it be known in all the world that by the hand of God shall man live forever or die forever. Let it also be known that there is one God who has that authority. His name is JEHOVAH, the most High God.


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