O LORD my God, the glory of my soul, as the day dawns so too the joys of heaven. I look to you, O LORD, and all I see is beauty, full of thy riches which thou have established from the beginning. My hope is rich with thy glory. By thy excellent hand man shall prosper. O LORD God, who is God but thee? By thy mighty hand thou sustain the heavens and the earth and all therein. Thou art the Holy One. Righteous is the LORD who dwells in hope. O glory, my darling, let the joys of the heavens swell up with praises. Let the earth sing songs of jubilation and not cease. To God be glory, everlasting unto everlasting. In thy holiness thou did received my praise. With gladness in thy bosom thou did rejoice. For by thy hand thou sheweth salvation. Who can liberate the captives but thee? Thou art the Saviour, the redeemer, the giver of life. Thou art the I AM THAT I AM, that shall lead his people out from bondage. Thou art the true and living God. Who is mighty but thee, O LORD? All the power and glory is the LORD’S. For by his hands all things were created. The great God JEHOVAH is the everlasting God. Let it be known in all the world that it shall profit a man that seeks the LORD. Let it be also known that the right hand of God is a strong hand that keeps the righteous for all eternity. In his bosom is joy. The LORD giveth peace to those who love him. Let us lift up the glory of God; for the day of the LORD draweth near. Let us bring forth the joys of salvation and shine our light in this world. Let us boldly say, the LORD is our God; by his hand shall all man be delivered from unrighteousness. The LORD is one. To him glory, everlasting glory. Behold, I bring you the treasures of hope. May the truths of the living God beseech you that you may have hope in what is true and just and righteous. Today, I sing songs of hope that you may taste of the mercy and grace of God. Today I come before you as a servant of God that you may eat and drink from the fountain of living waters. If you will eat and drink from this fountain, surely you shall not see death. For the hand that keeps all things shall also keep you in his mercies. The LORD is blessed forever. Because of his goodness and mercy and lovingkindness, we will continually praise the name of the LORD. This is a good God to whom we shall delight, who even now gives grace that man may come to Christ, his beloved Son and have eternal life. Blessed be the hand that giveth such hope to all the world. Blessed be the God of my salvation.

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