Every day I awake to the goodness of God. It is as if the joys of heaven await me. With gladness that seeps down from above, I make haste to rejoice in the LORD, to lift up his honour and glory, and call out his name with beauty. With boldness I say things that are right, pleasing in the sight of God. By understanding the desires of his heart I lift up his glory. With excellent praises I bring forth his truth. Truly the hand of God is amazing. All his ways blossom in glory. Who is this great God of the heavens that comes to me day and night? Like a fresh morning breeze, I am awakened to his glory. Like a new dawn I rise to his goodness and mercy. Who is this God that I adore so much? Truly the heavens are rich with the glory of God. His mercies abound in truth. The tender love of God is exceedingly well. My heart melts with joy at his tenderness. His love is like no other. He is my first love, the fullness of my joy. For by his hand I yet remain in glory. By his joy I yet rejoice in gladness. O LORD, the exaltation of my praises shall come forth with joy. The blessed hand of the LORD keeps those whom he loves, forever. O blessed hand, my great God, let thy ways prevail in me. Let me bring forth thy beauty, O God, like the shining of the sun. The LORD is praised. His glory blossom forever. Truly his name is esteemed in glory. The excellencies of the LORD delight my soul. Let us lift up the honour and glory of God. Let us praise his name together. O children of Zion, join with me and bless the LORD. The LORD is eternally blessed!


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