Bless the LORD, all his works in all places of his dominion: bless the LORD, O my soul (Psalm 103:22).

In the gates of Zion there shall be rejoicing. I will lift up the name of the LORD. His beauty shall come forth with joy. All his treasures of his salvation shall be lifted up on High. O gracious and loving God, this day thy praises are magnified in the heavens. Thou art my God forever. Thy praises are without measure. Let the great God of Abraham rejoice. Let him who have ordained strength to babes and sucklings rejoice. Because of thy lovingkindness we remain in thy glory. Thy hope did bring forth the joy of thy salvation. Thou art a good God. Thy name shall remain. We shall bring to thee thanksgiving and exaltation. Thy beauty shall blossom before our eyes. O LORD my glory, the riches of my soul, let my praises bring forth the joys of thy heart. Thou art everlasting unto everlasting God. Surely thy name is esteemed above all others. Let every living thing exalt thy name. The gates of righteousness is full with thy glory. O heavens of the most High God, magnify his name. Say to him, thou art the God who created us. Thou art the true and living God. Thou art whom we cleave to for dear live. Thou art the perfection of beauty. Thy works shall remain. Because thou have established it in truth, so shall thy words remain for all eternity. Who is this mighty God? O God of Daniel that humbled the lions in the den and maketh them to know that thou art God, truly all shall know that thou art great. And thy faithfulness reaches the heavens. The lions honoured you. Even today, thou art supreme God over them. Who is this mighty God that I serve? O great God JEHOVAH, let your way prevail in all the land. Let them turn to thee who does great things. O mighty God, let my God be praised. The blessed hand of my God does great things. I have seen his ways. He is the supreme God. He reigns forever. The joys of all men shall be by his mighty hand. Stand in the fear of the LORD and you shall see his mighty power. Lift up his glory and you shall see the works of God. I bring you the truth that you may attend to the things of God. Let him have the glory. Lift up thy hands and praise the LORD, O children of salvation. He is our glory; shall we not praise our God? We shall praise him with all our might and all our soul. And we shall rejoice with gladness. Let the LORD be blessed for all eternity. Let his glory be forever magnified!

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