Let it be, O LORD, that I will magnify thy beauty. Thy name is a mighty wonder. Thou art my great God on High. My darling, how can I not speak of you? You are the delight of my soul. You are my shining light. You have been with me every step of the way. Who can stand against my God? All that I ask you have given me. Thy riches thou did not hide from me. How many, O God, have seen thy mercies? O LORD, thy name is glorified. Forever man shall cleave to thee. They shall speak of thy lovingkindness and thy goodness. You have put joy in the hearts of man. Hopelessness you have removed from their hearts. Thy mighty hand, you have not withheld. My darling, I am truly in awe with you. I have seen thy knowledge. And who is wise like thee? Thou giveth understanding that man shall live. O LORD, the living rejoice in thy name. Thou art LORD and God. Thou art magnified forever. I shall speak of thy righteousness and thy judgments. All thy justice I have seen. Thy compassion stood before me. The God of favour, bountiful in grace, is my God. His name shall be exalted. In all the land his name shall glory. If man will praise God, the joys of heaven will abound. O heaven of heavens, hear the name of the LORD. He is the mighty wonder, the great God, majestic in all his ways, full of riches and treasures that beautify the soul. He is my God to whom I cleave. He is the faithful One who have help me when I know not where my help shall come from. He is my darling, the love of my life. I speak of his name; for he has shown me things I knew not. Because the LORD has shown me salvation his name shall glory. In all the earth I shall bring forth his beauty with joy. Rivers shall flow with his beauty. Mountains shall stand tall with his strength. Eagles shall display the grace of God on High. The stars shall come out at night rejoicing. They shall display the glory of God. The sun shall show its brightness in the day. The mighty wonders of God shall shine brightly in the day. Glory shall abound in the heavens. The LORD is God. The LORD is one. His name alone shall be exalted. Upon the rock of Zion I have seen my King. With beauty, with power and strength, with glory he stands. O great and mighty God, thy name is an excellent name in all the land. For generation unto generation, thy name shall be a testament to thy glory. Blessed be the name of the LORD! Let all the joys of heaven swell up with gladness. Let them praise thy name; for thou art worthy to be praised.


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