What a mighty God thou art, my God. Thy greatness is unsearchable. O LORD, who is great like thee? For all generations thy name proclaim liberty. Thy hand bring forth salvation and who can do the things you do? Truly the saving strength of thy hand cannot be matched. Thou art the great God that delivered our fathers from bondage. O LORD, the depths and the heights shall bow to thee, even thy people shall surrender thy hearts to thee. For in thy wisdom thou did shew them a better way. In thy mercies thou did shew them grace. Let thy praises be magnified, O God. For thou art our LORD and our God. O LORD God of heaven, thy mighty wonders thou have displayed before men. We are amazed at thy marvelous hand. To you, O LORD, glory without measure. The delights of the heavens are magnified because of thee. The earth delight in thy glory. We look to thee; for thou art the great and mighty God. So wonderful is thy hand; we oblige at thy treasures. Thou art the most High God. O God of Abraham, thou have done many great things. Thou have given hope to the hopeless. Even the eyes of the blind thou have made to see. Thou did shew them that thou art God and there is none like thee. Thou delivered thy people from the hands of Pharaoh. Will thou not deliver them forever? Our hope is in thy blessed hand. Thou have made us wise in thy fear. O LORD who have lifted up the lowly and bring down the high and mighty but thee? Thou did fight the battles of our fathers and lead them across the mighty waters. But many did forget thy works and forsake thy saving hand. O LORD, they forget thy goodness and mercy. But thou did withhold thy anger and spared some that turned to thee. Thou art a merciful God. “The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy ” (Psalm 103:8). Because of thy hand we yet remain in thy sight. Thou art our God. Thou art our praise who shall endure forever. In thy riches we seek comfort. We turn to thee for guidance; for who shall we turn to lest we fall to wickedness? O LORD, be our light. In the valley we shall yet see thy mercies. And on the mountain top shall we lift up thy glory. To you, O LORD, who is higher than all, we give praises. We bring forth the joys of thy salvation and thy lovingkindness. Truly the right hand of God is a strong hand. Who is like thee, O LORD? For all generations thy name shall be proclaimed in all the land. They shall lift up their eyes unto the hill of the LORD and praise thy holy name.


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