O LORD God, behold thy servant which draw near to thee, that thou may see fit to instruct me in thy ways. O LORD, to whom I behold glory upon glory, glory on High, let it be a testament to thy praises. Thou art LORD and God to whom we surrender. Shine your face upon us. Make us into thy image and thy glory, to stand in truth and thy righteousness. For out of thy hand which is great all things cometh. The God of power shall avail much as thou desire. In thy wisdom let all that fear thee be wise. Let knowledge seep into our veins. Give us understanding that we shall live. O God of Abraham our father, let it be granted for thy glory and honour. It is well, O LORD, if thou are esteemed on High. It is well to praise you and to lift up thy glory. Thou art our God. This day, O LORD, let it come to thy remembrance thy promise made to our fathers that we may dwell in thy favour praising our God day and night.


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