O great God JEHOVAH, to thy name esteemed glory. Thou art the most High, our Father who loves us, even from the beginning. Behold the mighty hand of God, the strong hand that keeps Israel for all generations. To him glory, everlasting glory, and praises magnified without measure. We will lift up thy name, O God of Zion. For by thy hand did thou delivered us and by thy hand shall we be deliver. We are Israel. We are thy people who shall praise thy name forever.

The LORD is with Israel. The LORD is our God. Our hope is in his hand. Our mercy and grace yet abide in the hand of the LORD! We will lift up the name of the LORD. We will turn from our wicked ways and bless the LORD. We will adhere to his words. We will cleave to them. For all generations we shall long for every word that cometh out of the mouth of our God. Yea, I tell you the truth. Zion shall rejoice. She shall be glad in the name of the LORD. The LORD is blessed forever. Surely the heavens shall rejoice. I have seen the power and the strength of God. I have seen his glory too. “The right of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD do valiantly” (Psalm 118:16). The LORD that lift up Zion shall dwell in hope. The LORD that lift up Zion shall live in peace. The right hand of God is magnified forever. His glory shall abound for eternity. O LORD, because you have saved us from the billows of the waves and removed vanity from our paths we glorify thy name. We lift up thy glory in thanksgiving. We honour thee with praises. Thou art our God. Thou art our hope and our righteousness. Thou art worthy to be praised. O Father, I am thy servant and thy praises shall continue forever. This shall be a joy to my soul, the lifting up of your honour and glory. O LORD my glory, thou beseech us with thy excellencies. Thou art so good to us. Truly thy praises shall remain. Thy name is kept on High. Thy glory is magnified without measure. Thou art our LORD and our God. Thou art our Saviour. We cling to thee, O LORD; for without thee we hold on to sinking sand. O Father, our rock of ages, we thank you for loving us. We thank you for you mercy towards us and for your favour. O LORD, thou art the beauty of our souls. Thou art our maker; let us follow thy path. Lead us, O God, to the gates of righteousness that we may dwell forever in the presence of thy holiness. O LORD, our glory, our praise, thou art blessed forever. Thou art exalted forever. Thou art our God forever. Thou art our eternal joy. Because of thy salvation we extol thy name. We are not ashamed of you. We are bold to praise you in public. Thy name is made famous all over the world. To the ends of the earth shall thy glory be esteemed. Thou art my darling, my first love. I shall adore you and love you forever and ever. O LORD the God of my soul. Let the people continually praise thee. Let the saints bless thee. Let them glory in thy riches which you have shown them. Grant us peace and steady our path. Let us be wise in the evil day and let not famine be a desolation unto us that we may eat and drink and offer thanks and praises unto thee. Let our thoughts be on you, O LORD. Let us cleave to you and obey you. O LORD, beseech us my darling. Speak to us and show us the things we know not. Hear us, O LORD, when we call on you. Thou art faithful. Even to the end thou art faithful. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Blessed be our God who shew us his countenance. Blessed be our hope, our light upon the hill. Thy name is blessed forever and thy praises shall endure for all generations! We are thy people who rejoice in the name of the LORD. We are the elect, the delights of his soul. We are his glory that shall not go away. As the heavens are high so too the praises of our God. To him, praises upon praises, the LORD is magnified. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Forever and ever his name is exalted.

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