Thou art my God and I will praise thee; thou art my God and I will exalt thee (Psalm 118:28).

Blessed be the most High God, the God of the heavens and the earth. The LORD liveth forever. His name is exalted above all. O LORD God of Elijah, who is great but thee? I call on thee, O LORD, who giveth power to his anointed that thy blessings shall fall upon me exceedingly great and I shall lift up your honour in the land of the living. Thou art faithful unto thy servant, O God. I have seen thy ways and believe thy thou art great and there is none like thee. Let all the people give glory to thy name; for thou art our LORD and our confidence. The works of the LORD shall be proclaimed in all the land. His glory shall be esteemed without limits. This is the joy of our hearts because we love the LORD. Let all the children of Zion sing songs of praises. Let us lift up the right hand of God. Let us not be weary nor afraid to declare the works of God. For I stand in the glory of God. His right hand is upon me. Let the God of Elijah in his power and strength be magnified. With praises shall we lift up his salvation. His lovingkindness towards us is very high. The LORD favours us. Look at all his works, even from the beginning. In his mercy he considered us that we may dwell with him in hope. He lifted us up in his heavenly glory. O love the LORD; let us exalt his name together. The LORD shew us compassion and he did not hide his face from us. We prosper by the right hand of God. We are made the children of light. O LORD, thou art blessed forever. We honour you. We lift up our praises: in the highest of the highest heaven they beseech you. Thou art worthy to be praised. Thou art our excellency and our glory. Let the name of the LORD be exalted above all other names. Yea, let his glory be magnified without measure. O LORD my God, my darling, if it pleases you then shall I rejoice. I lift up thy glory, O LORD; for thou have lifted me up from the deep pit. Thou have made my days to glory. Thou did bring hope before me. O Zion, O Zion, lift up my Christ. Let the lifting up of his glory blossom with gladness. He is our King. He is our glory.

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