We seek wisdom from our God, and understanding from the most High. Knowledge comes from God and who is wise shall fear him. The lifting up of the LORD who is righteous and Holy, seeking to follow in his path is the perfection of beauty. All men are sinners and none is perfect on his own. But perfection comes from God. Those who turn to him and desire it shall find it. Let glory come by the hand of Almighty God then it shall be well. The LORD in his infinite glory is the perfection of beauty. We look to him and adore his perfection. It takes a perfect God to create the heavens and the earth and all therein. By his hand was all things made and without him was nothing made. O Father, my perfect Father, let thy glory be exalted forever. Let the joys of the heavens magnify thy glory. Thou art LORD and God. Thou art the giver of glory and the perfection of it. Thou art whom I seek and desire; for you have said to me, Call on you and you will show me things that I knew not. Thou have kept thy word. Thou are true and righteous. O faithful God, I put my trust in thee; for thou art my helper. Thou have made my heart glad before the sons of men. Thou have caused me to rejoice in thy glory, and thy people to magnify it. Thou art my perfection. O LORD my glory, the lifting up of thy name shall be perfect in thy sight. Thou shall be glad and rejoice. O LORD, if thou art please with my praises adhere to my voice. Let it be a sweet savor before thee. Then the lifting up of thy glory shall continually be songs of jubilation, rejoicing thy heart. O blessed Father, be exalted on High. Forever rejoice, my God. Forever be blessed. Thou art God. Thou art the perfection of glory. Thou art my praise.

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