LORD, let me lift up Zion and my RIGHTEOUSNESS. Let me exalt my King forever. Because you have been good to me, I shall lift up your glory. Kings of all nations shall bow to thee. Many shall hear of thy greatness and come. My God is most High and wonderful. Majesty and glory beseech the LORD. Power and glory are in his hands. O supreme Father and God, I bestow upon thee my blessings. All the earth shall hear of thy riches and shall praise thy name. O mighty God. Mighty is thy name my darling. By your mighty hands I have seen your healing power and your strength. The people come for healing. You are a famous God. By thy hand, O God, nothing is impossible. If I say, my God will do it then my God will do it. My confidence is in thy hand, O LORD. I have seen many of thy works. Who could do the things you do? There is none, not in the heavens or the earth. Your glory is esteemed in the highest of the highest heaven. Above all shall your glory esteemed, in the heavens and in the earth. Thy name shall remain. In thy power and strength I have proclaimed it. O LORD, because of thy great hand I stand in boldness. I stand in the authority of the most High. The God that keeps me shall be the God that shall be praised. Let glory come, O LORD; let it come. Let a multitude of it come rushing to thy presence. Thy name shall be exalted. I have said that thou art the greatest. Thou art magnified with power and strength. Thou art whom I adore. I am in awe with thee and all the works of thy hand. Thy praises shall not cease. Thy blessings shall be an eternal blessings. I lift up my hand, O God; for only thee shall my hand give glory. Continue, O LORD, to anoint me with your blessings and your wonderful gifts that I may continue to glorify thy name. I shall not cease. As long as thou liveth I shall praise thee. Thou liveth forever. O Zion, the LORD liveth forever. O Israel, hear the word of thy servant and praise the LORD!

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