O glory, O glory, bring forth the beauty of my God. Bring forth the joy of my salvation. Lift up his name on High. Tarry on more. Make haste and come forth and bless the LORD. Praise him in the highest. In the highest of the highest, lift up his joy. O LORD my God, let thy glory be magnified forever! Let thy beauty blossom with gladness. Let the heavens give up their joy and let them praise thee. Let them give thanks to their hope and their rejoicing. Because thou have considered them they yet remain. They remain in thy truth, even from the beginning which thou have spoken out of the goodness of thy heart. My God, who is great as my God? Is there any that can even compare? Thou art the greatest. Thou art magnified in glory. Thou art the blessed hope of all the world. Thou art my God forever. Surely thy name shall lifted up on High. It shall be lifted up with gladness. With joy shall we praise thy name. And with thy lovingkindness shall we bless you. We shall remember thy goodness and mercy and lift up our hands with praises. The LORD is our God. So let it be. Let it be that the lifting up of his glory shall be by our hand.

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