O LORD my God, my glory, the hope of my righteousness and truth, let thy glory be exalted on High. Let every living thing lift up thy glory. Let thy praises be magnified without measure. O joy of my soul, my darling, let joy seep out of thy heart and continually fill thy heart with gladness. Thou art worthy to be praised. The lifting up of thy name shall not cease. Thou knowest this truth; forever shall my God be praised. LORD, I give thanks to thy name. Let thy glory abide. Let the lifting up of thy joy be magnified. O precious Saviour, make haste to be glad. The lifting up of thy glory shall not cease. In all the land thy name is known. It is esteemed in the land with glory. Thou art famous above all. Hope stood up in the hearts of thy people because of thee. Thou art the way, the truth, and the life. Thou art the everlasting glory and our hope. Thou art my God forever. Surely I shall cling to thee and my God shall not forsake me. O wonderful joy upon the rock, lay thy hand upon me. Let thy blessings beseech me. Who shall hope in the LORD shall hope in a good thing. I tell you the truth: the joys of my God cannot be compare. For all that this world can give it shall be vanity before my God. Seek the LORD; seek his face, then shall it be well with you.

LORD, let the people jump for joy. They remember thy goodness and mercies and thy lovingkindness and judgments. They delight in all thy riches. We adore you. We look to our hope day and night. Let glory come in thy name, O LORD. Thou art the true and living God. Upon thy throne thou art established forever! Thou art magnified in the highest. Thou have made my heart to rejoice with gladness. Thou art my glory and my praise. O LORD, thou art my God forever. Surely, I shall lift up thy glory and praise thy blessed name.

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