Faith without the word of God is no faith. Faith without the wisdom of God is no faith. Without understanding who can be faithful unto God? Faith is standing in truth. Faith is knowing the essence of our being and the lifting up of the glory of God. Faith is standing in this truth that shall not go away. It is the rock of Zion. What faith shall a liar have before God? What mercy shall the wicked have on judgment day? Who shall say, Our faith has made us whole, lest the LORD has established it? The wicked know not what pleases God. In his [the LORD’S] truth which is established of old, we enrich our lives. And it is this enrichment of the holy scriptures we develop hope and faith, knowing fully well that by every word which the LORD has spoken we stand. We stand in this truth and in this glory. Truly the most High God in his excellent ways put into our souls what is faith. Faith is the lifting up of the glory of God and the honoring of every word that cometh out of the mouth of God. We stand in that faith and in that truth, as children of God that liveth in Christ. In this hope that is abundantly rich with mercy we stand. We stand in the glory of his grace and his lovingkindness. We stand in our God who finds it acceptable in his heart to shew us his salvation. To him we praise and to him we glory. Because the LORD  considers us we yet live in this faith. In his righteousness we abide. For surely the righteousness of God shall keep us. For who shall we run to lest we run to this God who is faithful and true? Surely I tell you, because the LORD is our God we shall abide. We shall abide in his mercy and grace and his faithfulness. We shall abide by the mighty hand of God. Yea, believe that the God that keeps us lives forever and that he is strong and able to fulfill his endeavors. This is the confidence we have in our God who shall forever live in glory. Blessed be his name forever. Blessed be the God of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, to whom riches we seek that we may live in faith knowing that that which comes from God is faithful in deed.

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