I cried in the noisy day. In the quiet night I cried. Will thou hear me when I cry? I am like an eagle with heavy wings that cleave to the dust. O LORD, if thou favour me, let me fly like eagles in the sky. Let me look to the heavens and rejoice. I turn to thy mercy and thy hope. To thy righteousness, I solemnly bow. O great and mighty God, thou art the most High. All my inequities are before you. I have not hid any. I am like an open book. Consider me when I did please you and shew me mercy. Extend thy grace, O God, that I may lift up thy glory. I delight in lifting up thy glory; thou knowest this truth. In my imperfection I seek thy perfection. In my weakness  I seek thy strength. In my hopelessness I seek thy hope. Thou art excellent before me and elevated on High. All the heavens rejoice in thy name, O LORD. Truly thou art my God. The LORD shall bow the heavens and come down. O great God that come to me daily, let thy rejoicing be magnified. Let thy glory be extol forever. The joys of ten thousand years shall not be enough. Let thy rejoicing never cease. O LORD, my hope and my glory, because you have consider me in thy mercies, surely thy name shall be magnified forever. It shall be known in all the world that I am a praiser of God. Truly the hand of God is marvelous. His beauty shall remain.

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