LORD, my darling, the depths and the heights of my joy, blessed be thy name. Blessed be thy glory, magnified in truth. My love, I thank you. For all that this world can give cannot compare to thy tender love. O how I love you and adore you. Thou knowest the gladness of my soul, how it jump for joy. O LORD my God, let thy joy blossom forever. Be not far from me, O God. I am not strong enough to bear it. Comfort me day and night and show me the things I knew not. Open my eyes to thy truth. Then shall I lift up my hands to the heavens and bless thee. All my praises shall come forth with joy. Truly thou art LORD and God. Thou art my hope and my righteousness. Thou art my light in the darkness and my beauty on High. Truly thy hand will keep me. In thy bosom I shall find peace. O LORD, how I lift up thy glory, how I magnify thy name. Thy name is a joy to my soul; it shall be kept on High. Let all the heavens rejoice in thy name. Let them praise thee. Let them magnify the blessed hope. Let the earth jump for joy. Let them give up their glory to thee. For thou art the glory, even from the beginning. Without thee, who can glory, my God? What shall our hope be without our God? Truly I tell you, man shall be hopeless without the LORD. Let the lifting up of his joy give thanks to this blessed hope. He is the LORD our God, who have kept us, even now. O Father, I thank you. I thank you for your mercy and your grace. I thank you for your righteousness and your lovingkindness. I thank you for your judgments. They are true and righteous altogether. Because of you, O LORD, we look for a better day, a day when your praises shall not cease, where our joy shall be magnified in thy glory. My LORD, my LORD, truly thou art my saving strength and my salvation. Let thy praises forever be magnified. Let them jump for joy in all the land and praise thy Holy name. Blessed be the LORD my God. Blessed be my hope and my righteousness.


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