O LORD my God, hear me. Let thy riches be magnified on High. Let thy glory be esteemed forever. O my darling, thou art forever my glory. Thou art my praises and my hope. Truly thy hand is mighty. Thy name is mighty. O LORD my God, in all the land thy praises shall not cease. O beautiful, my love, truly thou art blessed. The lifting up of thy name brings gladness to my soul. Let it be, O LORD, thy my soul shall lift up thy name forever. O heaven of heavens, delight in the LORD and magnify his glory. The love of God is with thee. His truth abide with thee. Surely the lifting up of his praises shall honour him. O honour my God; he has been good to you. He has spoken truth and now you glory. By his hand you stand. You stand by the mighty hand of God. Truly I tell you, this is a mighty God. So great is my God, who will not praise him? Let us all praise the great and mighty God. Let us exalt him in the highest of the highest. Truly he is worthy to be praised. His name is blessed forever!


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